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🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

@Smc @Former-Member @Appleblossom @Former-Member @PeppiPatty and anyone else with an appreciation for the world of art ....

Hi and welcome ....

Here is a gallery space for art in all its forms .... posting a piece of your own work, perhaps in progress .... sharing a favourite artist .... just coming to browse occasionally .... a meeting of minds and experiences through creative expression.


(Moss Roses by Pierre- Auguste Renoir)


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Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Thank you @Faith-and-Hope   looking forward to watching out for postings.  πŸ’

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Smiley Happy Sounds good. I'm in.

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

OK... little conundrum here. An artist's work, even without a signature, can still carry a "signature". In an anonymous forum. Hmmm...

I did work at promoting my ceramics online when I was working as a self employed potter. The chances of anyone recognising me by my work are slim but not non-existent. So this one will do as an example, because it's a little bit atypical. It's one which has a somewhat more personal significance, and I've got no intention of ever selling it, so it's had less online exposure...

Creekbed Platter. Inspired by the creek that runs along our back boundary. Groggy stoneware clay and ash glazes.

480 creekbed platter.JPG

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

That is what I am doing in terms of posting my artwork @Smc .... they are what I refer to as "home pieces" rather than ones in the public domain, so it is only my close circle of family or friends who would recognise them .... and they won't be expecting to find me on the forums here .... if they were to, I think, it would be as co-incidental as the Community Guidelines here, which state that there may be the odd coincidental running across someone you know, or overhearing conversation about the forums, and how best to handle that discretely .....

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Thanks for sharing @Smc .... 😊 .... it's lovely !  I can only imagine what your more elaborate or beautiful pieces are like ....

Hi @Prayne .... I see you there (like) .... c'mon in and meet @Smc and @Former-Member ..... 😊


I have to dash out for a bit, but I will post a painting I am currently doing when I return.

Catch y'all later ....

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Creekbed platter, seemingly complete with moss...  now that's just so creative.  That's art!  Thank you so much for sharing @Smc Just amazing.  ❣️

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

Absolutely beautiful, I really connect with the color's

Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

It does look like moss, but change your mental sense of scale... when you see a waterway in a dry region from the air, there's a green belt of trees and shrubs near the water that thin out as you get further away.



Re: 🎨 .... ART. CLASS ..., πŸ–Ό

I'm just going to tag @utopia in here cos I think this is something she would really appreciate ....


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