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Christmas lounge

Hi Guys

so the LE Side has a christmas lounge so why not have one on the carers side .Anyone is welcome in the christmas lounge. It is quite common to feel alone during the holiday season so the chrismas lounge is a place for us to connect with one another. So Please everyone join in and come together during this festive season (even if your not feeling all that festive)  


Please feel free to share pictures, stories, grievances/hardships, traditions, and anything else to help us get through this time of year.




@Smc@Darcy@Determined@Appleblossom@Shaz51@nashy @Lauz@DFL@Janey1@Faith-and-Hope@Janiee @SoSad @Artvandalay@Sophia1@Sophie1@Carlachris@Tiggeroo@Shammi @F_Cat@Hope4me@Sherry@PeppiPatty@soul@Libra@Zoe1@NatalieS @greenpea@Amy123@Magneto@Jacques@Adge @sunflowers@silhouette@Jane13@Bimby2@Raine@Dec 


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Re: Christmas lounge

Awe @outlander. How lovely and thoughtful of you!

We have enough Christmas Spirit to go round I reckon...I'm with you!


xmas tree.gif



Merry Xmas to Carers Australia Wide!


Thankyou for your very special generosity, time and effort towards helping loved ones or those in need within your community.

Hope xo Heart




Re: Christmas lounge

Wanted to wish all the carers a Merry Christmas and a safe 2019. Best wishes particularly to @Dadcaringalone 'Wishing you all the best over the Chrissy holidays'. Love greenpea

Re: Christmas lounge

lovely @Hope4me Heart

i cant take all the credit though @nashy helped Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas lounge

Big Christmas Wishes to you @greenpea. Hope the family drama is limited and you have a very happy and safe feastive season with all those special to you. I am convinced you will have a much better 2019.

Look forward to continuing our friendship in the new year and thanks for all your kind support.

Love Dadcaringalone 

Re: Christmas lounge

@outlander All you! This is awesome Smiley Happy Superb gif choices btw.



Re: Christmas lounge

images (38).jpeg



Re: Christmas lounge




Re: Christmas lounge

love the memes @Darcy

does anyone have plans for christmas this year? do you have any traditions within your family?

Re: Christmas lounge

Oh @Darcy

I laughed out loud at little Kal Kline! Thanks for the tummy tickler; I really needed it...


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