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Re: Craft Corner

@CheerBear, no i forgot to mention I found it on facebook.  It was a competition to guess the number of dots.   I put that on my original post.  

Re: Craft Corner

It's so beautiful @Gazza75! I'd love to be able to do something like that.

My guess would be a lot of dots haha! I can't imagine counting them all to run a comp like that!

Re: Craft Corner

@CheerBear, I think its just a 'bigger' version of what you have been doing.  It won't be long before you are doing stuff just like it.  Smiley Happy


I agree, it would be one heck of a job counting them all LOL Smiley Happy

Re: Craft Corner

I don't think I could ever do brush strokes like that @Gazza75. I feel very awkward with a brush in my hand. It's like I'm using my non-dominant hand whenever I go near one.

I'd get lost counting after 50 I reckon 😆

Better fly and pick up the kids. Would love to catch up with you properly sometime. I feel like we bump into each other a bit but I don't know much about you and your story/stories (not that I need to know but more that I'm interested in hearing if you are interested in sharing). Hope your afternoon goes well 🙂

Re: Craft Corner

@Gazza75  That’s lovely.

Re: Craft Corner

Glad you like it @Maggie .

Re: Craft Corner

Welcome @MaggieM we have not met, but I hope you find our forums helpfull and will be nice to see anything you do.

@Gazza75 that Facebook picture is lovely and looks hard.

@CheerBear @Faith-and-Hope @Maggie @eth @Maggie @outlander 

I am still doing my hexagon 6 of each colour for my blanket

Sorry I 've tried to send a picture of some of my hexagon colours I've done but the photo thing on here keeps telling me my image is to big and I've spent 30minutes now trying to reduce it but don't know how.


Re: Craft Corner

Hey @saturnzoon. How much have you got left of your blanket? It looked like a big one in the photo.

I have similar trouble with photos from my phone being too large. To get around it I take a screenshot (then crop out the time etc- but you don't need to do that) which must reduce the size of them as I don't have issues uploading if I do that. Might be worth a try if you'd like 🙂

Re: Craft Corner

@CheerBear @Gazza75  And anyone who might be interested. I received my new dotting tools today. They are sizes 1-16 and really are easy to use. I will insert a pic.image.jpg

Re: Craft Corner

@Maggie, they look very cool!  Look forward to some new designs from you soon Smiley Happy

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