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Re: Far and Away

Thanks @Zoe7 .  It is just putting in the time.  I took homework with me for the long weekend, but only got to a little of it on the plane on the way over.  The rest of the time ended up being family and house, but that’s okay.  The kids were in the art space when I got home last night, and I think we will all start to settle in to it as a study zone.  Son2 and D3 helped me with my Photoshop work last night, and they told me how proud of me they were for learning all this stuff.  That really meant a lot.  It made it clear that my studies are supporting them, like, if I can do this, they can .... 😊👍. That’s what I was hoping for.


The holiday plans are coming together.  We are going to do some daytime excursions, so we won’t be sitting around the place together, and I think that is a good idea for many reasons, including breaking up awkward dynamics, and distractions, distractions, distractions.  They are a saving grace while we are having to tread water for sooooo long with mr.’s illness.


Your day sounds like long and tiring, but fun, and I am glad for you.  You must really love seeing the beautiful character that comes out in the kids as they engage with their learning, especially the arty stuff ...... go you ❣️

Re: Far and Away

You are indeed a positive role model for your kids @Faith-and-Hope and so wonderful that they are proud of you for learning new things. That must give them so much confidence to do it themselves also - such a wonderful thing for you all to share Smiley Very Happy


I am pleased to hear you have things planned on this upcoming holiday - you definitely need to break it up so you don't have too much down time - with MIL especially. I hope having many distractions will help you get through the time much easier Hon.


I do like seeing the kids get excited about doing art. I had to help the preps today paint some robots as well - that was super cute. They had already made the robots out of cardboard so it was just the painting they needed to finish. Some did really well but for others they needed help as their fine motor skills are not that well developed yet. It was still fun to watch them try though.

Re: Far and Away

😊 @Zoe7 .....


How are you going @Sturgeon @BryanaCamp @soi ?

Re: Far and Away

hi @Faith-and-Hope that's amazing you're learning photoshop! I've just started using ipads at my volunteer job so that I can put it on my CV. It's all very foreign to me


My brother has been admitted involuntarily to a psych ward overseas. At least he is safe. I'm going to a concert tonight so trying to get ready & hopefully it will take my mind off it.


Hope you are well and things are ok with all your family, you sound like you have a lot of people to look after, you must be very strong.Have a nice night Cat Happy

Re: Far and Away

I am so glad to hear your brother is safe @BryanaCamp , despite the conditions not being ideal ..... probably ideal doesn’t exist for us anyway, which is why we find ourselves here Hon.


I hope you enjoy the concert.  I will be thinking of you ❣️

Re: Far and Away

Morning @Zoe7  .... 👋💕


Trying to work out how I am this morning after a “scrambled eggs” evening and night.  I was late-night / early-morning posting on Just Checking In.  I didn’t tag you there because I know you’re needing some calm at the moment, and I hope you are off to work and into a lovely and busy day, picking this up sometime later when I am hoping to be in a lovely and busy day too.


My mr. is out jogging after leaving the bathroom door open with it’s noisy auto-spray thingy annoying me ..... and that, after sneaking not-quietly through the room for the umpteenth time after his after-midnight return ..... grrrr .... so if I get up and dressed quickly enough I can be off and out into my day before he returns and takes over the bathroom for first-shower-of-the-day.


Because we crossed in the air, I haven’t seen him (to speak to) for a week.


Catch you later .....


Hi to all who pass by the thread 👋.  Will pop in across the day to chat, when and as .....


Re: Far and Away

Hi Hon @Faith-and-Hope I hope you managed to get through the day a bit better than your night. I did notice you posting on Just Checking In late into the evening/early morning - picked those posts up this morning before I went to work but was running late (again) so couldn't check in myself. I did manage to get to work on time but wanted to be a bit earlier this morning - no great drama as I got the things reday I needed to when I got there and finsihed off the rest bit by bit during breaks in the day. I did get your message mid morning at as usual it gave me a much needed lift Heart


I imagine Mr. was not caring too much whether he kept you awake or not - and that really is not okay Smiley Mad But I know this is what you are living with when he is there and you are doing the best you can to deal with it - doesn't make it right at all Hon and I really feel for you Heart


Thank you for thinking about me last night - you are right I do need a little calm in my life right now - work is getting tiring - even though it has been a short week it feels like this week has gone on for 2 weeks. I need to find a way through all this though otherwise I will begin going backwards again - I know that is the way it is heading. This weekend it will be important for me to get a lot of rest and a lot of self-care ...even if that means sleeping durin the day. We are already past half way into the term though and Easter is coming up so getting through until then is my focus. I did enjoy my day today when I wasn't trying to stay awake. The morning was exceptionally hard - basically supervising a couple of kids doing the reading program and I could barely keep my eyes open. Did some more of the echidna with some kids after recess then a duty with the Kinder kids at lunchtime - they were super cute though. We had an assembly after lunch that went for the whole afternoon - the kids did a great job to sit that long. I have a few things to get done over the weekend - abit like you and the visual diary - I am a little behind in my daily notes on kids so need to get that all together this weekend. At the moment I have them all over the place and need to make a book that I can use to keep all my notes together - got some new ink for my printer so can now do that this weekend.


I saw you had an excursion today - details please - I love hearing about your art excrsions and what you did and saw. 


I am off soon to take Toby to the vet to get his ear checked - hopefully it is a simple infection that can be sorted with drops as he has had before. It still doesn't seem to be bothering him but is a bit red so there is obviously something not quite right with it - best to get it checked and put my mind at ease though. 


I will check in with you later Hon and look forward to hearing all about your day Heart

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Zoe7 


We visited a gallery full

of Australian Impressionists today.  It’s a whole new world for me, although my father has been mentioning them to me for a while, so some of the names and works are somewhat familiar ..... and they are coming up in our Art History lectures.


Now I will be on a bit of a mission to familiarise myself with them and their stories.  Many women artists here gained credibility much earlier than those in Europe, apart from anything else because the Australia art school took enrolments for both men and women, and in fact they had a higher number of female students.

Re: Far and Away

What a wonderful excursion @Faith-and-Hope and so great that you have a connection to something your father has been mentioning to you as well - makes it just that little bit more special Smiley Very Happy


Just got back from the vet - Toby does have an ear infection so drops morning and night for the next 2 weeks then back to the vet to see how it is looking. It is quite red and swollen so will be hard to get the drops in - I did joke that I would have to sit on him to get them in but once he gets used to me doing it then it should be easier. This is the vet that found me asleep in the car after I had taken Cat in to see her and she knows I have been off work for a long time. She was very happy to know I am back at work and commented that I look so much better - surprising because I feel complete exhausted today. It is nice to have such a lovely vet - makes it so much easier to take my fur babies to her when needed. I won't see anyone else unless it is an emergency as she has always taken so much care with my babies and knows them very well - especially Toby because she did his eye surgery when he was a puppy.


What are your plans for this evening?

Re: Far and Away

Apparently we are staying in to watch a movie tonight, and eating in.  Mr. had bought food to cook, but I was offering to cook tonight anyway, so it’s likely to be me who does that ..... he is operating as though I am not managing the household at all, and seems genuinely surprised when I “show an interest” 🙄😠 .... all part of his wonky mindset I am afraid, so it’s best to just ignore it and get on with things.


I have started on some Photoshop homework that I am enjoying (I know, right ?!) and will sort dinner out a bit later when the baby dragons seem to be getting hungry.  They are resting at the moment after the uni week has finished.


Fasting for Easter has started, and mr. bought something vegan for me .... which was very nice of him.  It’s in these things that he is clearly trying.  And he seems unconscious to how noisy he is at night.  He thinks he is being quiet .... 😐

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