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Re: Far and Away

Sorry .... had to break off there for a bit.  My kids were calling me to make sure I was okay.


I am hearing you about the worry over Cat, and becoming overwhelmed.  I am also glad that work has helped to pull you through @Zoe7 .


Keep taking care of you ❣️


Re: Far and Away

@Zoe7  So good to hear from you. Lots of these πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’• Take care.

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope @Sherry @Sans911 @Maggie @Hamsolo01 A quick fly by before I head off to work. Hope you all got some sleep and have a good day Heart

Re: Far and Away

Good morning @Zoe7  Good to see you around this morning. Hope today is a better day for you. Hi also @Faith-and-Hope @Maggie @Sans911 


Sherry πŸ˜€

Re: Far and Away

Didn't sleep well but better than the last few nights @Sherry Toby needed to go outside in the early hours so that didn't help and it is super windy here - a trigger that I have been dealing with so much better of late but got to me last night- definitely not in a good place atm- just need to get through today. I do wish I wasn't working today but I need the money and it is probably a good thing I am not home alone today.

Hope you are doing okay this morning Hon and have moments in your day that are good Heart

Re: Far and Away

Morning @Zoe7 πŸ€—β˜•οΈπŸ’•πŸ‘‹

Hipe it’s a good day at work today ....


Morning @Sherry @Maggie @Sans911 @Hamsolo01 and anyone else around ..... expecting two tradies for different thi gs this morning .... 🀨 ..   so going to sneak out for a coffee while I can.


Half a pyjama day today ....


Hope y’all have an okay day ... β˜•οΈπŸ’•πŸŒ·

Re: Far and Away

I do wish I could join you for a jammies day @Faith-and-Hope - enjoy some down time while you can Hon - even with tradies expected. How did you go with your work last night? How are D3 and S2 this morning?

Re: Far and Away

Went really well with my work last night @Zoe7 .  I had to re-start a project that I didn’t understand very well, but this time I knew nmuch better what I was doing .,.. but I need to study up how to do the next bit while the tradies are here this morning.


About to wake D3, but won’t see S2 till second-tradie-o’clock cos that one is in his space, but he doesn’t wanna be at the same time, so we are gonna swap spaces for that one.

Re: Far and Away

A pj day sounds good to me too @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope . Unfortunately got a 9am specialist apt for hubby, so .. no can do. An early start instead. Sorry to hear about the triggering windy night and lack of sleep @Zoe7 .  I hate the wind. Not for any reason that Im aware of .. just hate it. Always gets me on edge. Hope its blown through by now, and stays away. Hope those tradies get finished quickly @Faith-and-Hope  to permit that half pj day.



Re: Far and Away

Great that you have the space and time to do what you need to do with your work Hon. Hopefully you get it all worked out quickly today @Faith-and-Hope 

It is a step back for S2 but if that is what he needs then that is what you should do for him. Smiley Happy

Off to get ready for work - have a lovely day Hon Heart

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