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Re: Far and Away

How are things for you this morning Hon? @Faith-and-Hope 

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope Been to the tip and unloaded the trailer. Took Toby with me and the attendant said I wouldn't need to clean my dashboard as I already having a mop (Toby) to do it - cheeky bugger but funny at the time as he also said he could do it but it wouldn't be a good job ...he was bald - gave me a real giggle ...who knew the tip would bring joy into my day lol


How is your history of Abstrat painting assignment going?

Re: Far and Away

Assignment is going well @Zoe7.  At the library now looking for new material because it has taken a direction that needs some references that I don’t have.


Loved the humour of the tip-shop-guy ❣️  Good that you are making yourself useful as you wait.  It’s something I try to do, which is why I am studying 😏

Re: Far and Away

Your waiting has so many layers to it Hon and your study suits different purposes - both keeping you occupied and doing something you love a definite win-win. Smiley Very Happy


It is strange not having Cat here @Faith-and-Hope . I opened the back door as soon as I came home and then realised I did not need to as she wasn't here to go out Smiley Sad


I cooked lunch today also so just something light and easy for dinner. I will hopefully be able to go in and see Cat this afternoon but don't know what time that will be having somethin more substantial for lunch seemed a good idea.


Hope you find what you need at the library and can power through the rest of the assignment. I also need to do some more of those reports on the kids from last term before next week. I haven't been able to do anymore this last week - too much on my mind to concentrate - so very much hoping for a good outcome with Cat and then can get back into it - fingers crossed for that anyway.


How were the baby dragons this morning?

Re: Far and Away

Sending gentle healing for Cat @Zoe7  & calm understanding for you Heart

Re: Far and Away

Thank you @Exoplanet Still waiting to hear anything but I am taking that as a good sign that it is all going well. They usually call straight away if there are complications or can't do what they intially intended - so taking that as a postiive.

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Zoe7 @thinking if you. Hope the surgery went well. Hope you hear soon ❤️ 
@Sherry thinking of you ❤️
hi @Faith-and-Hope @CheerBear @Shaz51  abd anyone else passing through 👋 

Re: Far and Away

Another baby dragon super-reactive at the moment @Zoe7 😔 ..... so glad I have my work to bury myself in.  I am feeling over-cooked myself today, and wanting my space from all of them.  At the moment nobody else is at home, which suits me just fine, although I had to grit my teeth with the cleaners being in today.


I am glad to hear that “no news is good news” seems to apply for you today.  That would help to make the waiting easier.




Re: Far and Away

Having your own space seems very much needed today then @Faith-and-Hope The cleaners would have been annoying when others were out and you thought you had that time and space to yourself so hope they were not there long and you could settle back into your work Heart


@BlueBay @Exoplanet @Sherry @CheerBear and all following...

Had  a call from the vet - they are operating on Cat now but need to bring in the specialist vet as it is a more difficult surgery with more risks. I was so hoping that wouldn't happen but we are going ahead with the surgery - there was nothing for me to consider even though it will double the cost. Now I just have to wait again - this time I am more worried because of the increased risks and complexity of the surgery. Now the waiting is hard Smiley Sad

Re: Far and Away



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