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Re: Good Morning!

New forecast here says barely 30 over next 7 days was going to be mid 30s I don’t mind that just having to rug up here its colder now than it was at 5am this morning @Appleblossom

Re: Good Morning!

Healthy looking dogs @Wanderer what sort are they?
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Re: Good Morning!

Exhausted! @Appleblossom. and coming down with a cold again and Dr not happy I'm still wheezing (asthma still not under control). Thanks for asking. I've asked modz to close my account here (apparently I can't anymore) as my anonymity IRL is compromised & very confronting information has been leaked to the wtongbppl including my son. I'm starting to see toxic family members behind rveryone's avstar lol And F&H is not allowed to chat while overseas... And youre twlking eith ehe enemy all thectime and ppl cant evrn tell when they offend anymore. Andvwell i have nothing left yo gove here, osts pulled willynilly...  without adewuate ecplanation to learn and well the rewl isdue iscto srop the trolling. Do you know what its like to be really lonely, to have key family members rarely talk with you and then be sltold 'I don't have yo ring you since I found you on the forums. Of cause I don't know what was read, how they felt or Any comments back. So for this reason I can't stay. Glad you tagged me because I wanted to say a special BYE TO YOU, THANKS GOR RVERYTHING AND 


Re: Good Morning!

Mini Dachshunds @TAB


First litter.


Morning all

@Appleblossom@Zoe7@Shaz51 Heart @Former-Member Heart

Re: Good Morning!

beautiful photos @Wanderer , love the puppies Heart

Hello @Former-Member, @TAB, @Appleblossom

Re: Good Morning!

Well I guess BMW makes Minis now .. jk soz @Wanderer nice looking dogs tho

Re: Good Morning!

Good Morning @Shaz51 @Mumi hope you’re okay 😸😎🎩☕️🍰 @Former-Member @Zoe7 Everyone its 10 deg here this morning lit fire. Its nuts. Was 20 deg this time yest lol
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Re: Good Morning!

IMG_20181207_090238.pngweather's gone mad LOL



Re: Good Morning!


I am really sorry to hear all that. Reading your typos as a sign of extra distress.Smiley Sad

In general you added a warm lively presence here.

Not sure about clashes, but I always try and include all and not play favourites.  I remember laughing with you one New Years Eve. Thx I needed that.

I am wary of a few people irl reading my posts on the forums so keep that in mind more these days.

You do have an extra load of toxicity in the family and it makes me really sad that stuff goes on.

You have to do what is best for you. I hope other forms of social life and support come through for you.  You may find a good church community. Keep optimistic even when things seem grim.


I willl miss you and remember you as my first friend on the forums who "got" my level of trauma re grief, family mental illness load, effort and dedication and being cut off.

Go well ... though Dylan Thomas's line about his father's deathbed 

"DO not go gently into that good night"

Is about being spirited ... not compromising


Re: Good Morning!

Good afternoon @TAB, @Former-Member, @Appleblossom, @Wanderer, @Zoe7, @WideWhale320, @MoonGal, @Bimby2

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