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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?




images (6).jpeg



@Shaz51 *waves

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

D9D55BDE-45F6-4666-9B36-735EC244883F.jpegTomatoes at sunset ... bruschetta time !


 Hi @Darcy @Shaz51@Adge ... I took this photo last night and then took tomatoes 🍅 to work today for a bruschetta breaky for the team - they loved it ... when I got home Ms S has been busy all day and painted the garage today and made a hook for our hose to hang on the fence .. now she is exhausted and in bed already and didn’t  want dinner ... will need to make sure she doesn’t over exert herself in heat this summer with her various projects - that being said the garden and garage are looking great !

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?


Bruschetta = yum

Ms S has been busy,  she sounds quite the handywoman. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

good night @Darcy, @Faith-and-Hope, @Sophie1, @Adge, @Appleblossom, @Determined, @outlander and @Moderator , @Sherry, @JanieeSmiley Very Happy

sending you all hugs and hope you sleep well , see you tomorrow

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

good night @Shaz51 sleep well

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

you too my sister @outlander Heart, will be thinking of you tomorrow xx


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Good afternoon ... Choc icecream on offer

images (9).jpeg




Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Nyum @Darcy, yes please!

Or there's the other type of rose ice cream... I've got rose petal and rockmelon icecream in the freezer at the moment. Mmm, tasty... if our chook girl would lay another few eggs, I'd be making another batch.

I probably should be sensible and buy some eggs instead, but home laid ones have something appealing about them. Smiley Happy




Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Mmm mmm @Smc been warm here, rocky icecream sounds refreshing.

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