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Re: Night Shift

ah forget the tidying up....

walk is better for you when it cools down..

washing could be beneficial if running out of clothes

washing up if running out of dishes..


most important.. walk wins hands down for me everytime


here are some cats for you

the one on the right is a splitting image of one of mine...

happy walking..good for the mind as well as the body


cheshire cat in tree.jpgcheshire cat.jpg

Re: Night Shift

well, done with the tidying @Sophia1  washing is on, but didn't really need to do it. its hot outside may try a short walk onceget myself together ok 30 mins so some benefit not 60 cos heat and punishment lol

Re: Night Shift

ok did an hour re walk @Sophia1 

Re: Night Shift


Re: Night Shift

hey @plasmo  prob crashing soon here feeling a bit crap

Re: Night Shift

yeah same, still got some kind of bug

Re: Night Shift

I havent smoked this year, yet prob feel worse than I did before in someways. I thought it was going to be a magic bullet cure. Am getting dr's to chase up some things already, but think there's even more. Life sucks sometimes lol 

Re: Night Shift

yeah i don't think it would work for me

Re: Night Shift

yeah I dont know how it I did it now, seems surreal, anyway just couldnt afford it besides anything else. Anyway I still  havent done anything I've been putting off. Tried 3 times to apply for centrelink on mygov today, it wont accept application now unless have all the paperwork ready to go. just got too hard.spent hours on it. might try and go see them tomorrow or ring up pay office and ask for separation cert. 


Re: Night Shift

yeah haven't sorted mine, it's getting beyond a joke, trying to do it this week. was just too off last week

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