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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Nice photos @Shaz51

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I'm doing something with prawns Smiley Happy And Harvy specter Smiley Happy

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I had barramundi and home made chips for dinner 

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hey Feasters. I'm leaving a name card on the table just saying hi to you all. I won't be here tonight as I'll be at the movies. Might jump on before or after depending on timing.

This week I have learned the true value of the forum here and that include the Feast. I hope you enjoy your night and take care

- Hams/Hamso

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Just caught your post @Hamsolo01 


Hope your night out is nice. Might see you r'on.

Hope 😊Heart

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi @Hope4me @Hamsolo01 ,


I'm jumping back into the forums afrer a long break.   It's my first Friday feast back!

Anyway I'm a swim instructor and I teach adults swimming anyway my adult advanced class and I are going out for chinese!  I am super anxious and am stressing over what to wear.  Anyway I will check back in later.  Have a great Friday xx

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Haven’t got as far as sorting dinner yet ..... hope you have a good night out @Hamsolo01 @Angels333 πŸ’•


Hi @Hope4me πŸ‘‹

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

hellloooo @Faith-and-Hope , @Angels333 , @Hope4me , @Hamsolo01 Heart

we had eggs on toast tonight , something easy xxx


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hello @Ali11 


birds z.png


Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Hi everyone and happy Friday Night Feast Smiley Happy!! It is the day before shopping so the pantry is bare so I thought I might do a 'What will I be having for dinner tomorrow night!' instead of tonight Smiley Happy I have ordered some King Island Brie and other cheeses and plan to have it with some crackers and fruit tomorrow Smiley Happy.


Cannot wait Smiley Very Happy Love greenpea xxx


Image result for brie with fruit

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