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Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

A Real Shoe House Smiley Happy

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

@utopia @greenpea @Mazarita @Appleblossom im another who not all that keen on shoes.
Im usually barefoot but if I have to go out to places like the drs of psych I thrown on a pair of thongs even to the horses, I very rarely wear boots. Rain hail or shine its either barefoot or thongs.
My family always joke that even when barefoot im wearing shoes as I have a tan line in the shape of thongs lol!

@Darcy as always your pictures are great too look at!

Oh they sound like cool clogs @SunFlower_7 its great that your donating some shoes too. They never go to waste thats for sure.

Cool thanks for sharing! @Hope4me so many different types of shoes!

@Judi9877 oh my goodness your shoes would be hard to find! Ooh a place called Footlocker is usually really good at accomodating any size foot so might be worth checking out there too.

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Todays word as chosen by @Smc is 'Books' 


what sorts of books do you like to read? do you have any favourites? If you have low concentration but would like to read more, does anyone have tips on how to do so?




@SunFlower_7@Darcy@TAB@Shaz51@Appleblossom@greenpea@utopia@Sans911@Snowie@Teej@CheerBear@Determined@boot@Former-Member@Decand everyone 

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Books yes @outlander - I love them - I have quite a library myself


I thought about the word "book" though - 


You can get booked for running a red light, you can be a book-keeper (more about that in a moment, then there is the bookie - the bloke at the race track you back a horse with, you can throw the book at someone, operate by the book - I could go on - there are book-ends, book clubs and book cases - and then you need to book your place on a flight etc - 


I love words


Okay - a little story - when my son was young - maybe 8 - I had a new job and as an undergraduate I got any work I could so he asked me what my new job was and I answered "I'm a book-keeper" - a few days later he asked me "Why did you lie to me" - I said - "I don't lie - what are you going on about" - and the punch-line


"You said you were a book-keeper and I went to the library and you weren't there"


Sigh - I do remember how I explained that one but I love the story


Thanks Outlander - I love to share funny little stories about my son and as I am feeling so much better today - it's a great start to the day



Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Hi @outlander@Dec and everyone,

Nice choice of word, @Smc!

Mostly these days I read things almost exclusively on the internet: poetry; news stories daily; articles about a wide range of subjects like astronomy, environmental matters, history and many more, usually as they randomly appear in my net wandering; mental and physical health information and research; and posts on the forum!

Earlier in my life I was an avid reader of novels, mainly classics of 19th and 20th century literature. When I was involved in theatre even earlier, I read a lot of plays. As a child I especially remember a time when my favourite novels were The Silver Brumby series.

Reading has been a huge part of my life, though I rarely hold a book in my hand these days.

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

I don’t read much anymore, maybe a couple books a year @outlander @Dec prob my favourite is Robbery under Arms . Set and written in 1800s Australia, by an ex magistrate and based on fact. poor people who became bushrangers. Beautifully written .one of those rare ones that you can not just get lost in it, but see what is being described, re the bush

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Great sharing @TAB@Mazarita


I love reading - during the winter I read a lot of Danielle Steel's books - of course there is a limit to how much one can read in that genre but I really enjoyed myself


My favourite novel of all time is The Clan of the Cave Bear - I have read it over and over - actually I have read all of Jean M Auel's books on Earth's children and loved them all except the last one which completed the saga but apart from that - I guess there is a limit to how much I could read about people crawling around in caves to look at cave paintings - but the first book - I can read that again when I am ready and after it falls apart I will get another copy as I have done before


Like you Maz I read just about anything I can get hold of - I watch a lot of docos on TV and then follow up on-line - my uncle is a well read man but still asked me where I got all I was talking about - he's not that much older than I am and totally past it now (he is very ill and very frail now) but actually he had never thought of sourcing the internet - and how I love Wikipaedia! - which I believe is a Peer Review Journal - we can change the details there if we have our facts right


I can't remember learning to read - I just could - I think people were reading to me when I was very young and what was on the page turned into words, sentences and gained meaning and it was interesting


I am feeling so much better today


All the best everyone



Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

I’m glad you’re feeling better today @Dec 😀

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Good one outlander I love Jane Harper's novels. She is a brilliant modern Australian author. Have just finished her latest novel 'The lost man' can thoroughly recommend it.

Re: Word for the Day - Comfort or Play

Another great multi layered word @outlander

Smiley Happy

I have always been a bookworm, but lately have discovered ear worms ...

Smiley Happy

Your story about your boy @Dec was beautiful.


Cheers to ALL

Smiley Happy


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