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Something’s not right


Re: Am Not Coping

Love the fairy @EOR so beautiful Smiley Very Happy

@Sam3 You dinner last night sounded yummy - I love Indian and Thai so would happily have joined you Smiley Tongue

@Mumi Hope you slept okay last night - I did go to bed early and slept most of the night = the med reduction may be okay but will have to wait and see if I can sleep the next couple of days.

@Shaz51 hope the gp appointment goes okay for Mr. Shaz today and if he needs an xray there is not a long wait at the hospital.

@Hamsolo01 watching the replay of the game now as I needed to go to bed early last night - you would be pleased that Kruse was dropped for the game Smiley Wink

Re: Am Not Coping

You're welcome @Zoe7, have a good day today / a good weekend to you and all Smiley Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

@Sherry I am not going to ask how you are because I know you are still doing it really tough but instead I will send you lots of these Heart and huge hugs Smiley Very Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

Mor garage wall building for me today @EOR - hoping to get the remainder of the frame built. Hope you have a good day/weekend too Smiley Very Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

@Zoe7, wow!!! building acgarage wall! what on earth! you're amazing taking that on, I can't even imagine howhow to, accept head imaged of brick laying... Yikes! Good luck with it.

I'm house hunting today, and filling out rental applications... I think, might go back to bed though lol

Re: Am Not Coping

Morning @Zoe7. All the best with the garage wall hun.

Re: Am Not Coping

I'm using cement sheeting as it is protected from the elements @EOR but I need to build the framing first to attach it to. I need to grind off some bolts and cut a small piece of concrete first today to put up the next support beam - a fair bit still to do but it is getting there. I also feel like going back to sleep this morning so might have a nap before I get myself mobile to get started again today.

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks @Sans911 - a bit to do today and the temperture is supposed to be much less today so should be able to smash it out easier without having to have so many breaks. It is cooler in the garage in the morning before the sun mves around and makes it feel more like a hot house than a garage. How are you feeling today - still tired or a little more energy?

Re: Am Not Coping

I'm feeling a little better thanks @Zoe7 but I'm not going to do too much this morning. I've got my volunteer shift of 4hours at the op shop later today & that's usually busy so I'll try to conserve some energy.

More than likely I'll just potter around this morning doing some smaller tasks. I have someone coming to collect a wardrobe, so that'll be another thing gone and money to feed the cats and me.

Re: Am Not Coping

You are getting it all done by degrees @Sans911 and that is a good thing. Sometimes pacing ourselves is what is needed and it seems that you need to do that today until your volunteering shift. I know that you like to make yorself useful so the shift will be full on for you but only 4 hours will go pretty quickly - especially if you are busy. I love that you are doing the volunteering work and get so much out of it Smiley Very Happy

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