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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

I have no motivation at all. When I get up I fell overwhelmed by all the things that need doing. I become paralyzed,and all I can do is look at it.. It gets worse as the day goes on and i feel just so tired.  I often find myself on the bed.I don't know what to do anymore.


Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Hey @Chris

The Forums are pretty quiet tonight it seems!
I think all of us go through this at some level - some people more extreme than others. I think it's pretty normal for us to feel overwhelmed when we have so much to do. I have a couple of strategies that work for me -
1) Prioritise the 1-2 most important things to get done. Let go of everything else
2) Break your 1 - 2 priorities into no more than 3 steps.
3) Take it one step at a time, crossing each step off once you achieve it
4) Stop being so hard on yourself & celebrate each step

In my experience, thinking about having to do something takes more of a toll than doing it. Once it's done, I often feel good - like I've accomplished something and most of the time it's easier than I expected.

This is perhaps an obvious strategy - but I have found the more I worry/contemplate/procrastinate/ponder doing something, my ability to be logical goes out of the window, and following instructions and steps helps pull me into line.

What do other members do?
Chris - what is your main priority or 1 thing you want to get done?

Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

I have become a list maker, I love being able to give things the tick. Sometimes this does not work, but chocolate is good and really, when your day to die has arrived, will I be thinking, should have done the washing up?

I try not to have the house messy when I go to bed in case I do die as I would hate to be thought I was a wee piggy. This is also good because I live in the wobbly isles, and we get the wobbles a lot. Burgalers might sue if they hurt themselves .....I try to not be in bed after 0800 and be dressed by 0900 hrs eating properly is a major stressor, but adequate hydration is not although it should be I try to walk each day because I know it makes me feel good and I say my prayers at the same time. My day has structure and this is good for me, but the world does not end if it goes awry. One of the hardest things I have ever learned was to say " no", but one of the most valuable.

Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Hi Chris My Name is Pie, OMG I am Going through the same The thing, Feeling So Overwhelmed and Stressed out, I don't know where to Start Can someone Give me Tips On Doing Tasks for Everyday, and Not doing it quickly but Doing it slowly This is so Hard, I want to cry, I Cant cope anymore, It really gets too Hard for me and I Just want to Give up, I am really Struggling what do I do Need your Help Please. 

Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Hi @pie,


At some point in our lives, many of us can go through times when things can feel pretty overwhelming that it's hard to get moving.

You mentioned that you feel like giving up. I worry when I hear things like this. If you feel like these thoughts become too unbearable and you feel at risk. Please call:

Lifeline 13 11 14
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467
Emergency Service 000

Remember that sometimes talkng to others can provide you with support and persepective. You don't have to go through rough times on your own.

It's great that your looking for tips on getting everyday tasks done. NikNik mentioned some strategies in this thread that might be helpful.

I also find setting realistic goals helps me - I ask myself 'what am I really capable of today?' This might be just having a shower and getting dressed. If that's it then so be it. Start of with tasks that you feel like are achieveable and work your way up from that.

@PeppiPatty, I recall that you mentioned some strategies in past? I think they may have been about lists and schedules. Care to share some strategies with Pie?

Take care,


Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Hi Cherry Bomb, Great name, Thank you for Listening to me, I know I'm not Alone, But It's always at night that your Thinking and am staying awake all Night worrying, I may have to go into Hospital for a procedure That I am Very Stressed and Scared About But it,s private and cant say on Here but Its Women's Business, I was wondering Should I consider HyponoTherapy, Or Does It Sound Stupid.


Thanks for Your Advice, I like Hearing from everyone and will Speak to the other person, That you Mentioned, I just want to Say have a Wonderful Xmas and a Safe New Year, And I will be seeing My Psychologist in the New Year we are going to set Goals, he is Helping me to deal with Issues That are Bothering me.


And If It Does get Very Bad again I will ring Sucide Help Line again. Once again Thank you for Listening to me, Thanks for the Support It Really means a Lot, I bet The Contributers Never Have Down Days or Sad Days.Smiley SadWoman FrustratedWoman Sad

Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Hey @pie, I think you will find we all have our down days or weeks..Or for some of us, we might be going through crap second by second.
Lists work for some of us, distraction works for others, mindfulness, whatever gets us through and able to sit with really horrible distressing feelings..
The point is, we are all in this together.

Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Hi @pie 

Hope the procedure goes well tomorrow. It's normal to feel nervous beforehand. And if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to talk them over with your doc.

Thinking about alternative treatments doesn't silly at all to me. Just remember, what works for some, may not work for everyone. If you find that something does work, then great. If not, dust yourself and try something else.

I think it's pretty normal for everyone to have down days and sad days. Without these experiences,  it would be hard to know what happiness is. But the thing with MI is that these sad days can seem soooo intense and dark and longer, which can make people like they're not 'normal'. In actual fact, 1 in every 2 people will experience a MI in their life - so really everyone will be touched by MI at some point in their lives. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that you're not alone, Pie. 

I'm glad to hear you got a back-up plan if you have a very bad day again. Perhaps write the numbers down and store them somewhere so that you can find them easily should you need to call them.

Wishing you a very merry xmas too. Hey, speaking of which, we got a special Xmas event next week on Tuesday evening. It'd be great if you could make it!



Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Hi @Chris 

Feeling overwhelmed, with no idea where to begin, i feel for you, i go through the same thing, i will sit and worry about this that and the other until the wee hours of the morning, just to find myself when i wake up feeling i have gotten no where, i would most days and i still do sometimes is crawl back into bed and snooze the day away, which would add to the whole plate of worry and stress.

i found if i make it a small goal to get dressed and have brekky, then i am halfway up, my next goal is to make a checklist of what i want to do for the day, check the letterbox, have lunch, tidy dishes, etc small things to mark off, after a couple of weeks, i found myself adding more to the list, and the things like getting dressed and having brekky, i was doing without writing it down.

I still have my days when my mood drops and i crawl back into bed, but they are a little bit less now, and i am hoping with time they will hopefully become once in a blue moon type thing.

perhaps this might help?

oh i also found if when i first wake up i put my headphones into my phone and play some music to pick me up helped as well.

i feel for you mate, it is not easy, but it does get a little bit easier the more you do the small things



Re: Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Sorry I have not replied pie, I've been in a right muddle for a while now .In all honesty i don't have any answers. for me its trial and error. what works today may not work for me tomorrow. i guess whats important is that i keep trying. try and look at what i have achieved today.(even if it was that i got dressed)Find a pleasant activity to do. for me it would be tip my roses (and smelling them along the way)Its something that only takes me ten minutes, but can lift my mood.even sitting outside with a cuppa can make a difference.hope all goes well with your op.


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