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Something’s not right

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Hanging by a thread

This is my first time on any forum. I struggle every freaken day with bpd.

2 1/2 months ago i went through the second worst experience of my life. It was with a therapist. I found out she was lying to me about things after i had told her over and over how important honesty is to me. When i found out she was lieing , i brought it up to her. She TOTALLY turned on me in the worst way. I am still in shock!!!!! I terminated therapy but am so alone in dealing with the fallout of it all.  

I know no one in the "profession" of therapy would believe me. I have no proof. I worry daily about her other bpd clients who aren't as far along in recovery as i am. The only way i am making it through each day is by useing Marsha Linehan's dbt skills. 





Re: Hanging by a thread

Hello @Intense and welcome
I too struggle with BPD it can be so hard to manage. Did you want to talk about what your therapist was lying about? 


You dont have to go it alone here.
I know a few members here who are or have done dbt skills that may be able to help you out or  offer some advice on what your going through

@Zoe7@Faith-and-Hope@Teej@Snowie@Sans911maybe you guys could offer abit of advice here?

Re: Hanging by a thread

Hi @Intense and welcome to the forums .... 👋

I originate from the Carers side of the forums, and what I know of bpd and dbt I have been learning from forum friends who are faced with these particular challenges.  Dbt is an approach given for life challenges apart from bpd, although it has been known to be particularly helpful within this field.

As a carer cbt has been offered to me, because these programs contain important life skills for whatever challenges we face.

Hopefully others will be along soon who are more familiar with the difficulties you are struggling with, but I just wanted to step in and say that it really sucks when our trust has been disrespected (too mild a word, I know .... feel free to substitute abused, mistreated, treated like crap, etc )

Wishing you a gentle night .....

Re: Hanging by a thread

Hi @Intense,

This sounds like a horrible experience. Trust is very important in any relationhip, but especially in a therapeutic relationship.


Do others struggle with trust?

How do others cope with being let down by somebody that they trust?

Re: Hanging by a thread


Re: Hanging by a thread

Hi @Chamomile

Trust is very important especially wityh a therapist.  I am very sorry this has happened to yoiu @Intense.  I too have BPD and struggle with trust.  It took me a long time to trust my new therapist.  At firsft i wasn't sure if she would tell my psych or others what i was telling her.

I would be angry like you if that had happened to me. 

I think @Chamomile i would not return to that therapist but if i went to someone new i would have to explain what happened and try to gain the trust of the new therapist.   I would probably have my guard up for a long time.  But it is difficult.  I feel that people with BPD have trouble with trusting others - well i know i do.

Re: Hanging by a thread


Its great you have the dbt skills to work through and realise you have progessed with some recovery.  Its not the same as good support. I hope the forum helps while you find a better therapist.

Trust is huge for most people, and in the counselling profession, they ought not take the bikkies if they cant deliver ....

I have needed MH services throughout my life and would not be alive if not for their presence, however I have also seen situations where lives have been lost because of bad calls by professionals.

Maybe all you need atm is peer support, but if you need more, go doctor shopping.

Smiley Happy

Re: Hanging by a thread

I tried to send an email back , but it would go through.

Re: Hanging by a thread

I tried to send you an email back, but it wouldn't go through. I hope this will.

Re: Hanging by a thread

Hi Intense
lola here, one of the moderators
I have just sent you an email, let me know if yiu receive it.


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