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Something’s not right


Hard to watch bad decisions

Just junk food & pain killers. Not hard street drugs.  So many harder stories out there.


But already overweight, started drinking lots of soft drink and eating unhealthy food.  Says there is no pain & doesn't need to take any but pain killers packets open (various) & appear in use. Worried about mis-use.


No point binning it, supermaket nearby for more.  Chats went nowhere.  Eyes went yellow last week, but back to normal now.   Worried about liver damage?

If refusal to go GP... any advice?


*update* poisons line gave good advice so have a plan (sort of) for either GP, take to ED or call emergency services based on symptoms & situation if escalates.


Also advised another family member who visits regularly to be on lookout for anything not right.  


Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

That sounds like a hard situation @Bea, but you did the right thing by calling the poisons line. Are you able to help cook (or prepare) some healthy alternatives for them so they don't rely solely on sugar? 

Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

Hi @Bea 


Our stories are different - each having their own set of difficulties - another thing to keep an eye out for *sighs 


We had a situation when visiting my BIL noticed he was taking too much supermarket purchased pain relief, completely unaware that they can cause side effects.  I helped him manage by alternating classes of meds at specific time intervals which made a difference and fortunately his headaches resolved.  His was a case of ignorance and he was amenable to listening.


In relation to eating, all we can do is lead by example, cook healthy meals and have things like fruit and veg available for snacking.  As we began to eat healthier, Mr D found that a healthier diet made a difference and started making healthy choices himself. (I insisted on having more fibre as Mr D's meds caused constipation ... yikes).


It is so frustrating though when faced with these price differences:


images (12).jpg

Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

Good picture example - a well known delivery service can deliver a well known burger for a fairly low sum too.

But plenty of healthier options can be delivered if the interest is there.

Unfortunately my cooking or fruit for snacks are rejected "Don't like it". Sigh. Even a tin of apple puree... & how sweet is that!

Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

That can be hard @Bea, especially when we're faced with the price difference like in the image that @Darcy provided. Maybe trying to influence smaller changes will help in the longer run, so swap one meal for something healthier, or to swap out soft drink for water (or sweetened ice tea). 


Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

If I lived with her, as with my family, I buy the food, cook & serve it & they either eat it, cook their own or go hungry. I do take personal preferences into consideration but don't make separate meals.

Living separately, I have limited influence. I have tried buying attractive coloured fruits & healthier frozen dinners. Nope. I have suggested seeing a dietitian. Nope. I have told the GP. OT (just started
doing a nice big picture look at general functioning). These are all bandaid that didn't stick, although I am hopeful with the OT.

A 10 year old is not allowed to legally live alone, authorities would be alerted. A 80 year old living alone, falling, eating a very poor diet & misusing meds would also be reported. As an competant adult... but that's the million $ question! I don't think she is....

Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

That is a hard situation @Bea, and it sounds like you've tried multiple angles. Hopefully the OT will have a positive influence and you might see some change. 

Re: Hard to watch bad decisions


It is a difficult situation. Functioning with Sz varies considerably and independent living for some can only be achieved with a high level of support. Depending on care plan NDIS allows for someone to come and help with menu planning, shopping and cooking which might be worth consideration. 

Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

Thanks @Ali11 & @Darcy for your support.  I had a new thought yesterday to take a slightly different tack.  OT due for f/up visit next week so good time to keep at it.


To the OT: Only other thing I could mention... maybe is about diet advice, referal to Dietician? If she continues her current (unhealthy) diet & is unwilling to change, would suppliment drinks (like my Mum has) be beneficial? Be better to eat healthier of but at least try to avoid vitamin deficiencies.


Great idea @Darcy about home help for shopping list/cooking. The carer is supposed to help with the shopping list now, but very hard for them...  if client wants to add icecream, they have no authority to say no.



Re: Hard to watch bad decisions

My wonderful practical 86 year old Aunt sumed up her whole situation (more than just the diet, meds, other issues):  if she can't take care of herself, she needs to live where she is looked after.


That's it - the problem & the solution.


I will continue appliying the 'bandaids' of trying out Dietician, vit supps & more home help - as I am trying to advocate for her best interests.  But I am pretty close to researching contacting Social Services... (may look for a thread now...) to see what who would quality for being in need/self neglect etc.


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