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Something’s not right


I cant find a GP that understands Mental illness

I have been trying to find a GP that understands Mental illness enough to refer me to a Specialist, but they all just tell me to get over it!! If only it was that easy!


Re: I cant find a GP that understands Mental illness

@Jessie2 hey! This makes me sooo angry! Are you living in a small regional area with only few doctors? Can you travel to the next town to meet with another GP?
I recall calling Beyond Blue years ago who put me in touch with a GP, I believe they have a database? This is a vague memory from almost a decade ago when I was in a dark hole so my memory is a bit dodgy sorry.

It’s my bug bear with medical professionals not being educated on mental health and/or not having any compassion! Big hugs

Re: I cant find a GP that understands Mental illness

@Jessie2  yes this is a big problem in that regard i was lucky as i was a child when i first had issues so my mother did all the searching. still it is very difficult to find someone who isnt dissmissive and actually listens to your concerns. you may end up having to travel more than you would like. hmmm i wonder it is sometimes possible to refer yourself to a psychologist so if you had enough money for 1-2 appointments you could self refer and ask them to write a letter to your GP saying if they think you would benifit from their services or other services and maybe that would be a way to get the GP to listen. then you could always use the mental health care plan to pay for further visits. just a thought but nothing is going to be easy if the gp isnt helpful. 

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