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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I don't care about my MH anymore

I just don't care about it now.


IT's been 6 years and I'm thinking off all the stuff I've missed out on and I dunno what I'm meant to do with my life now.


It's a big joke. What a waste


Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

Hey @Hamsolo01 I pressed the like button to let you know I’m hearing what you’re saying. @Hamsolo01 You’re still a young guy, a smart guy. You have a lifetime still to move forward. I know it probably doesn’t feel like that at the moment. But pls it’s nit a waste. You are fi cared fir by a lot of people on here 

just take one small step. 

Thinking of you. I’m not great but wanted to say that I care about you. You are the same age as one of my boys. You know you have so much future yo look forward to. I believe in you. You care. ❤️❤️❤️

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

Hey @Hamsolo01. Sorry to hear your feeling pretty crappy. I just had a quick flick of your other thread to get an idea of what has triggered this. It’s a blooming age milestone thing! They are the worst at bringing all the negative thinking out. It’s so easy to look at what you haven’t accomplished rather than accepting where you are at just now. I can tell you that all my milestone (and every half decade) birthdays bought this sense of failure out in me too. I set goals to achieve by the next birthday and then fell in a heap when none were achieved. 

There is more to leading a fulfilling life than having a mortgage and all the other 'expectations' we put on ourselves. I guess I wanted to say that your mental health battles may mean that some things aren’t achieved in the time frame we want but it doesn’t mean they won’t be achieved at all. They are still worth fighting for. 

As much as it sucks sometimes going through these battles it doesn’t define you. You have developed into someone with so much empathy and compassion and a real understanding of resilience and how to look after yourself. I bet there are many of your peers that haven’t developed any of these yet. They are life skills that are bigger and better than any mortgage.

I guess I’m saying to look for some self compassion on birthdays especially. I see someone who is doing the best they can in this life which is amazing. You can have a fulfilling life and you never know what comes next. Maybe by doing TESOL it might lead to doors you never knew existed. I know I’ve never imagined with any accuracy whatsoever that this is where I would be now, sitting in this lounge, typing this on this iPad after experiencing so many of life’s twists and turns. I can say for me that I have no idea what comes next either but something will and it will for you too. 

Best wishes 💜🤗

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

Thank you @BlueBay

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

Thanks @Teej that was very well written.
I'm really unhappy atm though. I appreciate what you wrote though Smiley Happy

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

..hamso .. @Hamsolo01 @Teej s and @BlueBay s replies brilliant worth more than a professional opinion Theyve been there. And they care. Sorry you’re feeling bad . What would it take to make you smile?? 😀 take it easy on yourself

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

? Heavy stuff if so phps leave it alone @Hamsolo01 be kind to yourself I’ve got to sleep am in camp. Early start

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

Couldn't read without replying, I am so sorry you feel this way. Do you have someone like a psychologist that you can talk to? 

Re: I don't care about my MH anymore

Hello @Hamsolo01, just a little set back my friend , have a look how far you have been already , I think you are amazing Heart

we are here for you and with you one step at a time forward

not sure of your age @Lilyq -- you can tell me only if you want too xx

@TAB, @Teej, @BlueBay

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