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Something’s not right

New Contributor

I'm ready to let go

I've been fighting for so long and I've had small wins, but I keep coming back to rock bottom. I have run out of reasons to keep going. I'm tired of fighting.


Re: I'm ready to let go

Hi @cantdoitalone 
Welcome to the SANE Forum, it is great to have you on board. I am not sure what battles you have been fighting but it sounds as though you are feeling exhausted. It is great that you have found the energy to try something new and join up. Maybe connecting with others on the forums will help to remind you of your own reasons to keep going. I will send you an email shortly if you could keep an eye on your inbox

Re: I'm ready to let go

Hi @cantdoitalone , I am sorry you are struggling at the moment.  Are you currently getting help with your issues?  Your definitely not alone with how you feel.  It's hard to keep fighting every day.

Re: I'm ready to let go

hi @cantdoitalone
I have been in a similar situation. it never seems to end. ever. but you don't have to do it alone, you can talk to us here and I also encourage you to keep searching for good supports who you feel comfortable talking to offline as well.
sometimes when we are to tired to fight we have to 'float' meaning just do the basic things every day to survive, do the things you need to do to survive until you feel you can fight again

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