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Something’s not right


Lost.. alone..

I’m not sure what posting here is going to do or what I’m hoping for.. I guess I’m just alone and.. I don’t know.. 

I’m tired. Physically and mentally. I am constantly full of anxiety and overwhelmed by life. I feel like I’ve tried. I’ve tried for over a decade to get better but I’m still here, alone on my couch feeling ill. 

Ive been seeing (another) new psychologist and about a month ago she had me sign a contract I would contact her if I had strong urges but I can’t do that. I can’t cope with feeling needy (hence why I’m alone), putting people out, but I also know she can’t help, at least not in anyway I want. 

I feel trapped


Re: Lost.. alone..

Hi @destructive,


I can hear that you are exhausted and overwhelmed at the moment and it can be really horrible to feel this way.


The new psychologist sounds like she is wanting to help you when you are feeling strong urges. What makes you feel as though she can't help in the way that you need?


I hear you saying that you can't cope with feeling needy or putting people out, however there are people that are here and like supporting others who need it in that moment. I am sure your psychologist is one these people. I am going to put some phone numbers here in case you feel like you do want to talk to someone about the thoughts you are having tonight.


Lifeline: 13 11 14 or Crisis Chat

Suicide call back service: 1300 659 467 or online counselling

Samaritans: 135 247

Re: Lost.. alone..

Because I know there isn’t really anything that can help me right now, like really help me not just shut me up and watch me until I promise not to do anything harmful. And it’s 10pm

For urgent assistance, call: