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Something’s not right


Love: how much do you feel?


Re: Love: how much do you feel?

I don't 'feel' love, so much as I will it. I am not sure LOVE is a feeling at all. Rather a commitment and focus. If love is only a feeling, we would have very little of it to give or receive. We make up our minds to love - and act accordingly.

I think romance is a made up construct, I do think when we are in the first parts of a new relationship we all get a bit obsessive and can think of little else but the object of our 'desire' be that friendship or sexual relationship, but that 'feeling' passes, what sustains a solid love relationship is being willing to compromise, sharing responsibilities, giving AND taking. Love is an equality. 

So, I have been with my partner for 26 years, we struggled through various life events, my mental illnesses, loss of loved ones, breakdown of work relationships, loss of jobs, Mum's or Dad's dying etc. Still there after all these years, despite the fact that my medication and childhood truama killed our sex life. (Common I hear).

How much love I feel never wavers, because it is constant. My FEELINGS waver though, sometimes I am irritated at her, or cross, or upset, or hurt. Because I am a nerve ending of sensitivity, and because sometimes she isn't,s ensitive to me. But we never go to bed on anger - we MUST sort that out by acceptance or forgiveness or a true apology. So awaking the next day, it is  new day of Love. It is an intention met.

With new 'friends' sometimes I overshare get excited, twirl on the spot. I project LOVE and excitement, but these are usually quick feelings that fade the moment the person falsl off MY irrationally spotlighted pedestal. Love is not demanding, nor is it conditional on being a certian way.

How much do you feel? What prompted the question Juro?

Re: Love: how much do you feel?

25-10-2018: MoonGal =D <3 I give you my loveliest & sincerest thanks for sharing your loveliest & sincerest autobiographical story. 28-10-2018:  Goodnight =D <3 In my opinion, love is so important because it gives our life purpose & can save our soul: it is the best concept because it's in everything; our actions, feelings, directions, etc. How much love is in our life is so interestingly good, & should be discussed more openly, humanely, Godly, inspiringly, etc, because love brings out the best in life's people & other organisms. I know love is meant to reign because it is humanely good.


Re: Love: how much do you feel?

Re: Love: how much do you feel?

Hello @Juro , @MoonGal 

how are you today xx

Re: Love: how much do you feel?

@Shaz51 Hi Smiley Very Happy Sorry for the late reply: I've been really busy with job applications. How are you?
@MoonGal Hi again Smiley Very Happy

Re: Love: how much do you feel?

one step at a time here my friend @Juro 

how are you going ??

raining up here

Re: Love: how much do you feel?

@Shaz51 I'm good. How are you too? It's sunny where I live. How long have you been contributing to Sane?

Hi everyone Smiley Very Happy

Re: Love: how much do you feel?

4 years now @Juro 

have you had a look around the forum

I could tag you in a few if you like

@outlander, @greenpea ,

Re: Love: how much do you feel?

Cool. Yes, I have looked around and I'm really excited to answer people's posts and make new friends. Thanks for tagging me so often. I'll tag you back too. At the moment I'm trying to help as many people as I can and I pray you are too. I pray you're having a good day everyday and thanks again so much Smiley Very Happy

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