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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

OCD and hypersexuality??


Ive never had a formal diagnosis of OCD.. ive only just realised what ive being doing isnt really normal behaviour.

Im 43 and have be re- writing since primary school. If my writing doesnt look neat or ive mispelled a word or the letters are slanted at the wrong angle i will start again on a clean piece of paper..   and repeat the process 5 or 6 times on different new pieces of paper.I am unable to even write a neat looking shopping list without writing it out and repeating it 6 or 7 times..  i was required to update my contact details at my childs school and the office lady gave me a yellow post it note to write my number on which i did then handed it to her and asked for a new post it note to write it better.. this occured 2weeks ago and i put everything together..

I do have issues also with food and germs or yuk things on food or in the fridge like those tiny black specks fridges get..   it makes me near vomit and i wont eat from the fridge..  I went through 3mths of anxiety dealing with my teen sons ocd earlier this year and felt like my life was outta control.

The only way i got some control was to stop eating  and i lost a great deal of weight quickly.. I also became really weird with my sexual behaviour..   this involved having an affair and becoming completely consumed by sexual thoughts and fantasies all day every day - i couldnt think straight or focus as i couldnt get past sexual thoughts..  i became a lover of watching online porn and had  incredibly strong urges to have sex with anyone.

It is again happening now..   it gets in the way of living my life properly.. its extremely intense  - ts impossible to think straight and becoming stronger then last time.

What is this and how on earth do i begin a conversation about it to my doctor?


Re: OCD and hypersexuality??

Sometimes writing it out here can be the first step. Tell your doctor what you have written in your post. Hope they are responsive.

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