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Something’s not right


Panic Attacks

Today I just Lost It and had a panic Attack when I was Shopping with my Carer, I feel Like I Humilatated her and I feel so Ashamed and Feel so Guilty, I couldn't Breathe, I had to be Taken to Hospital by Ambulance. Please tell me things will get Better.


I have an Appointmet with The Psycharist next week How Pathetic am I. I am Home from Hospital now.


Re: Panic Attacks

Dear Pie
No shame.
Your carer's job is to care.
Things will get better.

Keep talking, Posting. We will support.

You are not alone.

and if we let it
Hope does in fact endure


Re: Panic Attacks

Hi Rick, Thank you But I still feel so Guilty and Ashamed I keep thinking what do other people think of me, when I break down and cry Like I did, Maybe I am Strange.

Re: Panic Attacks

Dear @pie 

Please do not feel ashamed of the panic attack. I'm so sorry you went through that, but I'm sure you would have stopped it if you could. They are really horrnedous, and horribly difficult to calm down once it is full-blown. No blame hey?

For me it is a very triggering time of year. I nearly had a panic attack in the supermarket last year just before Christmas. I thought I was going to have to bolt out or break down it was so busy and noisy (which I find very triggering). I was very close to running out and leaving the full trolley behind, thankfully I did manage to get through the checkout quickly for once, and then straight to my car to calm down before I could drive home.

Sweetheart if you are strange, then so are we all. And we will stand proudly beside you as such. Please be kind to yourself, you have so much going on and seem to have such a big load to carry for others as well as yourself.

Kindest regards, Kristin

Re: Panic Attacks

Hi Pie,

It's normal to worry about how other people think of you. Thing is though, we can always wonder and never really know what other people are thinking of you (we can't get inside their heads). All you can know, is what you think of you right now. I think that's important. 

Having a panic attack can feel pretty scary and overwhelming. It's not personal flaw but an acutely intense period of anxiety. Like other illnesses, anxiety is not a choice. And like other illnesses, say for intsance a cold, or cancer, people need not feel ashamed or guilty about feeling unwell. 

Be kind to yourself, Pie. 


Re: Panic Attacks

@pie I am sorry for your panic. I too am engulfed with these feelings of fear. They are so scary hey. I like what Rick and CherryBomb have replied. Pie lets hold hands and may we get some peace and confort. We certainly have wonderful people here supporting us. God Bless them and Bless us too. Goodnight x

Re: Panic Attacks

Hello Pie


Cherry has the words I don't.

She on da money.


Be kind to you

Your worth is obvious and not influenced by any disease.






Re: Panic Attacks

Now I don't think I can ever go down the Street again I want to Give up Feeling so Lost and Alone.

Re: Panic Attacks

Hi @pie 

This is such a hard thing for you right now. The fundamental thing about having a panic attack is that it basically makes you feel pretty horrible, both physically and emotionally. Many people can go through many differing emotions - embarrassment, intense fear, sadness etc. You need to take time out for yourself and relax again, if you can.

You have been given some good support and advice here, I will reflect @CherryBomb 's comment - there is nothing to be ashamed of. You wouldn't feel embarrased if your had a sore foot, or a headache. This is no different. 

When I read your posts, and follow your story, I for one see a wonderful person that is really trying hard and has the courage to reach out for help, such as coming here to these forums. I am sure everyone else here would agree with me. You have friends here pie. We care about you.

Keep posting us and tell us how you are going.


Re: Panic Attacks

Hey @pie, panic attacks totally suck and it can be so embarrassing. Guess what? They do pass and it dies get better. At my worst I wouldn't drive in case I panicked, I would walk to the end of my street and feel like I was having a heart attack.. Medication helped and peer support is where I actually learned to stop fighting anxiety and start accepting it..
Anxiety Disorders Association are in Victoria, ADADVIC which is Anxiety Disorders Victoria. I have heard they are very helpful, not sure which state you live in. Grow helped me, and your local community mental service may offer other kinds of peer led groups..

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