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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Pay goes up $ goes down

Hi All, For 8 years now I've being climbing the chain. Eveytime I go up a bracket we have less in the bank. So to deal with my problems around this I'll drink, Smoke and Gamble. 3 of the worst ways of dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. Any tips from the community?



Re: Pay goes up $ goes down

drink, Smoke and not good to help you get ahead my friend @Brumby7 

one is to open a new account and have $$$$ trnsfered into the account , we do this and it does build up bitby bit xxxx

Re: Pay goes up $ goes down

@Brumby7  hello stress is hard to deal with but to maximise your money in the bank I would see if, to start with you could cut back on the drinking/gambling/smoking as much as you can and that will help. the smoking for example if you smoke 2 packs a week (I have literally no idea how much people smoke so forgive me if that is a terribe amount) but that will cost you just over $3000 per year, then lets say you have 1 beer per night (again i dont know how much you drink) that would be approximately just over $1000 per year and I have no idea about the gambling but that would still be at least $4000 per year you could save which is about $153 per pay on smoking and drinking alone. 


I am not saying it is easy to give these things up but even if you halved the amount you were doing then it would be a start. sadly there are not many areas people can cut back on spending so these sorts of things are often the first to be targeted. sorry this was so long, I hope you can find something helpful here. 

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