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Psychiatrist visit

Hi all, hope your weeks are going well so far. 

On Friday I am seeing a psychiatrist for a review and I am very nervous about it. I have existing diagnoses of anxiety and major depression, and am on anti depressants daily which help me (I have trialled going off them and deteriorated quickly). 

Any advice? I am going to be honest with the psychiatrist and tell her how things are going for me but I'm worried. 



Re: Psychiatrist visit

@eclipse  Hey eclipse you took the words right out of my mouth be honest. Tell the psychiatrist everything. Hold nothing back. That is the way for the psychiatrist to help you and make sure you are on the right meds etc. I hope it goes well for you. Please let us know how it goes. Love greenpeax

Re: Psychiatrist visit

Hi @eclipse , hope your meeting goes well tomorrow.  I would make a list of the main things that you want to cover off.  Try not to get bogged down on any one thing in particular so you can get through everything.  Even give the list to the psych and let them talk through it with you.  I find it easy to lose track of time when talking to people and sometimes don't get through everything I would like to get through.  


I woulidnt worry to much, as long as you are open and honest, they are ther to help you.  If your not comfortable with that psych, you can try another.  


Wishing you well

Re: Psychiatrist visit

Hi @eclipse 


You have been given some good suggestions here


There is no need to be anxious about your appointment - it will either go well or it won't - if it does good - if it doesn't then you know to either let the therapist know - if this doesn't work then you know to find someone else


Or it could be great - take a list as either @Gazza75  or @greenpea  suggested and give it to the therapist so time can be best used - and remember


This person is here to help you - I would imagine by now the person has heard all the stories because there is a limit to what can happen in the world - we are all not that different


And I understand that it is hard talking about these things to someone you don't know - 


So I wish you the best and also - I want to welcome you to the forum - we help each other here and I am sure you will find people who understand and can give you suggestions - or even become on-line friends



Re: Psychiatrist visit

Thank you so much @greenpea! I really appreciate you taking time to write to me. I will let you know how it all goes! Peace, eclipse x

Re: Psychiatrist visit

Hi @Gazza75, thank you so much for your well wishes and advice, I'm writing a list now about things I wanna go through.

Re: Psychiatrist visit

Hi @Dec, thanks so much for your well wishes and advice, I'm writing a list now! Thank you, it's great to have an online community. Peace, eclipse.

Re: Psychiatrist visit

@eclipse . How did your appointment go with the psychiatrist? 

Re: Psychiatrist visit

Hi utopia, thank you for checking in. It went well thank you, she was very patient and understanding and I was honest with her. I'm seeing her again in a few weeks and I'm feeling good about that. Seeing my psychologist today which helps as well. Hope you have a good week Smiley Happy peace, eclipse.

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