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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

So Down

I've been battling with the NDIS since January to get accepted.  I was rejected in June and reapplied and am still waiting to hear.  I've got noone helping me with it.


I got a little job about 2 years ago and was soooo thrilled.  It's my first job in 20 years and I can do it from home, in my own time.   But my manager has been passive agressive to me from the start.  Giving me my roster Sunday night to start Monday morning, forgetting to cancel my shifts when she knew I'd be at the hospital. Not givng me information or giving me half information so I cant work things out.  Its been ongoing and my big boss was originally supportive of me, but now she is really busy and tired of helping me.  I cant fight passive aggressive, I just want to do my job.  


I dont use a phone due to my anxieties.  I have a carer who makes phone calls for me.   My manager has asked me to buy a smart phone  which I dont need for myself, and havent needed in my job before now.  I'm on minimum wage, only 20 hours a week and centrelink takes half that.  Its not a lot of money, I sent an email to the big boss and asked if I really had to buy one and she said she was busy but would get back to me.  That was over a month ago.  I emailed again a week ago, but she hasnt responded.  Can they do that?  Can they make me buy a phone thats only for them?  A few minutes after asking me to get a phone my manager sent another email saying that our shifts might be cut for a while.  That was over a month ago and I havent heard about that either.


On top of that I had a fight with my homecare supervisor last week.  She got really bitchy with me and said that I could be left without care for weeks and maybe not get any at all.  She knows I dont have any other support then their company, to even suggest that was cruel.  Their company has always been good to me before she took over the role.


Its my birthday next week.  Mum and Dad will be away interstate, so it will be just me.  I was okay with it because I had a carer coming for 3 hours, but then the homecare people changed my care to 2 hours that week without talking to me about it.    Now I cant do anything special on my birthday like I had planned because we wont have extra time.


I try to be nice to everybody. I try to be supportive, friendly, and do the right thing.  Why are people so unkind?


Re: So Down

@Alone Hi Alone and welcome to the forums. I can't answer your question regarding people being so unkind because I have often wondered that myself. That is why I like animals more than people. On a brighter note you will find many friendly people here on the forums. Just have a look around and join if you wish on the large variety of threads.


I hope to see you around and have a happy birthday. greenpea Smiley Happy

Re: So Down

Thanks so much for answering Greenpea, that means a lot.  Things have improved since I posted.  My bosses turned around and said they'd buy me a smart phone, which totally shocked me!  I wasn't expecting that at all, I was sure they were just going to get rid of me.  My fingers are crossed that they will keep their word and come through with it now.  I'm still not sure about the rest though.  


Then I got a surprise parcel of goodies from a company I do some taste testing for, all healthy stuff which I love and can cook with.  So yesterday was a really good day.  Things are still tough, but slowly one bit by one bit I'm crossing the problems off the list. 


I'm torn with the NDIS, I've heard that people are having so many problems with it.  I dont want to lose the current help that I have, but I'm also not getting help in some areas that I really need help with.  It's hard when you dont have anyone helping you with it.  Its all new to my doctor, she doesnt know, and my carers don't take an interest as they are only with me for a few hours per week then go home.  Trying to explain me to anyone who is new to me is almost impossible.  I'm me!  


Animals are so much easier to understand than humans are.  I've always been good with animals.


Thank you for replying and the birthday wishes.  I hope you're having a good evening. Smiley Happy 

Senior Contributor

Re: So Down

So .... 


I finally was accepted onto the ndis about a month ago.  I am happy about that, the only evidence I had was psychiatrist reports from 20 years ago, my gp's report,  a letter from my boss and a letter from me.  They listed everything except the letter from me as stuff they considered.


I havent had my planning meeting yet.  The advocate that my carer got in contact with 3 and a half months ago, has barely talked to me, and put me onto another advocate about 3 weeks ago and I just found out earlier this week that she wont be able to attend my planning meeting due  my house not being wheelchair friendly.  I'm not impressed with the first advocate, she should have known that I needed someone with me and that my house wasnt wheelchair friendly.  She's barely spoken to me, I even had to push her to call the NDIS to see where my application was at, and it had been accepted the previous day!  Now, my planner was ready to see me a few weeks ago and I dont have anyone at all to help, unless the first advocate who wasnt helpful at all changes her mind.


On top of that.  My manager quit her job and, as my doctor said "tried to cause trouble  on the way out".  So I've had to deal with HR and prove again that I have a disability.  Thankfully the HR lady was fair once I showed her my doctors report but the whole situation took a month.  The new manager has started being rude to me already so I'm wondering if working is worth it.  But its my first job in a long time and chances of me getting another are remote.


And then ... I've had two cancer biopsies in the past month.  I get the results on Thursday.  My managers know I am getting tested, but they didnt even ask if I'm okay.


Oh, plus I've had 2 relatives pass away since Easter.


Life sucks sometimes, through no fault of our own.  I hope it all gets better soon.

Re: So Down

Hi @Alone , just wanted to send some good thoughts your way.  Hopefully you get some more wins coming your way sooner rather than later.  I'd try and hang in there with the work if you can.  It might be diffucult, but, hopefully worth it in the long run.  Take care.  Smiley Happy


Re: So Down

Thanks Gazza, 


The cancer turned out to be benign thankfully, they want me back in a few months to keep an eye on it.


I'm hanging in at work.  All I can do is be good at my job, and I am.  I was watching a reality tv show one day and the lady said it beautifully, she said "if the owners of the business I work for want to hire monkeys* to manage me that's their decision.  I only have to do my job and nothing more".  The word monkeys is a replacement for another word ... Smiley Happy


I have my planning meeting on Monday.  The advocate has barely talked to me, and I havent seen the report they are going to hand over at the meeting, but thankfully the LAC is lovely and I am hoping that if the advocate takes over I can talk to the LAC at a later date and just tell her stuff in my own time and my own words.  The LAC is much more caring than the advocate.

Re: So Down

What a year you have had @Alone, but at least it sounds like it's on the up. That's great news about the result being benign and your planning meeting on Monday. Keeping those fingers crossed that it goes well. 


It sounds like it was expected that your old boss would make a scene, has it at least calmed down now? 

Re: So Down

I hope its all calmed down at work Ali11, but even if it hasn't at least with the NDIS now I am planning on asking for help with work. If work doesn't work out (pun intended) I have some ideas of other things that I can do with that help from the NDIS that I'd be able to do that is similar, but voluntary.

I'm pretty sure the NDIS will consider helping me with work as worth funding. But I'm still waiting to hear from my advocates and the meeting is tomorrow after lunch. I work in the morning so wont have time then.

Re: So Down

Planning meeting today.  Wish me luck please, I'm nervous.  

My advocates finally got back to me with a planning document late last night.  I'm working this morning so wont have time to correct it, it has obvious mistakes.  Thankfully the LAC seems kind.  I'm not impressed with advocates atm,  my brain doesnt work well under pressure.

Re: So Down

Hey there @Alone  I am sorry to hear of the mistakes in the document, how frustrating. Do you feel comfortable raising this with the advocates? We're all sending you tonnes of luck Heart let us know how you get on. 

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