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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Son 27 with body dysmorphic disorder (bdd) need help

Hi this is my first time on here. My son has had body dysmporphic disorder since he was 17 and now 27. His head and hair are the main focus and at times he thinks he looks like an alien. He has been housebound now for 14 months with this terrible bdd. His story is a long one with many twists and turns over the last 10 years including some drugs and alcoholisum. I just want to know if anyone else has someone with bdd or knows of anyone that can help.  I am barely coping with this at times as he targets me with everything and often mentions he just doen't want to live. He feels he is never going to get better and I fear he won't. He has had help over the years but with no success. I just wish I could find SOMEONE who specilises in bdd who can help him.  



Re: Son 27 with body dysmorphic disorder (bdd) need help

Welcome to the forum @Diamondruby, we're sorry to hear about your son, you must be so worried about him. Please know that you don't have to handle this alone. Have you been in touch with The Butterfly Foundation? They are a service that specialises in eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorders: (1800 334 673). 


Additionally, how are you with all of this? SANE has a great resource called Parenting with Mental Health Challenges which provides information on how to look after yourself: 

For urgent assistance, call: