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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Struggling need a wine can't bcos I'm sober

After today's traumatic experience with principal I feel physically sick 

was told I HAVE to consent for school psychologist to talk to my child -they have already been observing her WITHOUT my consent & it did NOT feel like it was because they had her best interest at heart 

i feel like I need a wine so bad- I have been sober for 3years - I don't even smoke cigarettes anymore- gave it all up & that interaction IV had today has made me feel I need a drink- I can't do that 

I feel physically sick and all because I was a caring loving parent who was trying to protect my child from being seriously physically assaulted by another child at school 

everything I do turns to shit. 

Every interaction I have is ducked up 

i am done with the world & the horrible humans in it 


Re: Struggling need a wine can't bcos I'm sober

Hey @Serenity1

That sounds incredibly tough. It must feel really terrible to know they have been observing your daughter without your permission. 

I can hear this distress is making you feel that urge to drink, but you are determined not to. What do you do as well as the forums to cope without using alcohol?

Also you mentioned feeling done with the world, so I'm sending you an email to check in. 

Take care of yourself, 


Re: Struggling need a wine can't bcos I'm sober

@Tortoiseshell thanks so much!yes I feel violated- are they allowed to do that? I eat a lot of sugar junk food 😂🙄 thanks 4 checking in- urge to drink has passed I survived with chocolate & lollies & my girls love. Thanks for checkup 💖

Re: Struggling need a wine can't bcos I'm sober

@Serenity1 ❤️❤️❤️

Thinking of you. Will reply properly on Monday. Please take care. Stay strong. You are doing the right things and the school and teachers need a reality check. 

Re: Struggling need a wine can't bcos I'm sober

@Gazza75 thanks SO much for replying it really means a lot- I really appreciate your support- def helps me in feeling not so alone & stops me feeling like am I going crazy or doing something wrong-thanks again. 💖🙌💖

Re: Struggling need a wine can't bcos I'm sober

I’d change schools.
Nothing seems right to me and I couldn’t be comfortable letting my kids go to a school like that.

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