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Something’s not right


Voices in my head

Hi Everyone,


This is my first individual post with regards to my own mental health struggles. I am not really sure what I am looking for, maybe I just dont want feel so alone in my battle.


I have heard voices most my life and they have gotten worse again in the last few weeks. What do other people do to overcome the pressure your voices put in your everyday life?


I have a good psychiatrist and a good psychologist however I can only see them every month. I have just found a good GP who I can talk to which is great but I think I need to connect with other people in a similar situation.


Thank you for reading my post. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Have a great night.





Re: Voices in my head

@greenpea @Queenie would you guys be able to help

Hello @Tasharose and welcome. I dont have experience in what your dealing with but wanted to welcome you anyway. 😊

Re: Voices in my head

@Everan maybe you could help too

Re: Voices in my head

Hi @Tasharose,

I liked your post.

I have been hearing voices for ten years now which makes it hard to do things and interact. I think  playing to your strengths is important. If your good and one area you can learn to cope with others like if you are mindful you can do some research. I think talking about it is good. I have found affirmations work for me. I say i am not afraid and this helps. It's okay to deal with it later. How do you think the voices affect you?



Re: Voices in my head

Hi @outlander 

fyi i responded.

Re: Voices in my head

Hi @Tasharose glad you reached out here and welcome I hear voices they can be extremely bad and yell at me one strategy I use is picture a basket and shove a lid on and keep them in or distraction things like colouring in watching tv what do you like doing 

Re: Voices in my head

Hey there @Tasharose, voices are a huge part of my life. I began hearing voices shortly after I turned 16. They then disappeared for eleven years and have returned since I was 27 until now (I am nearly 40). I hear them every single day and they never have anything nice to say. Have you thought about joining a voice hearer's group at all? I don't know specifically where you are, but there is a worlwide group called Intervoice which runs them. If you google Intervoice, I'm sure you could find something of use to you. I attend my local group and have actually been asked to facilitate it after I complete studies which is a huge honour! My first step towards being a peer worker for real! 

Some strategies I use is listening to music. Music is a big thing in my life as it helps me to cope with challenging voices. My voices swing from issuing commands telling me to harm others to harming myself. They also like to commentate on mundane things I happen to be doing, things like "now she is holding her phone with her left hand" and "look at what she is doing now, look look!" 

Another strategy is soapbox hour. Since my voices never go away, despite medication and therapy, I try to ignore them except for one hour per day. They must stick to their appointment time on the their soapbox. Sometimes this strategy works well, lately it hasn't however as I am recovering from a psychotic episode recently. 

I've been thinking of starting an online voice hearer's group, but have been wondering how to get it going here on the forums and if there'd be much interest in the topic. Let me know your thoughts...

Re: Voices in my head

Hi Tash Smiley Happy


May I ask what sort of voices you are hearing?


On my journey I have discovered that I had many different voices, and on my journey of self-discovery I started eliminating things from my diet that caused a certain type of voice... I did this progressively as I doscivered new things to get to where I am at now.


For example... I didn't know at the time, although as my awareness grew I realised that eating foods that came from suffering (such as meat and dairy), then my voices would get worse... so once I eliminated these things from my diet, I could have a better quality of life because I was not only eating different foods that were better for my health - but i also didnt have to listen to the voices that were caused by such foods Smiley Happy


Presently I am on a mostly RAW VEGAN DIET and am playing with the rainbow so to speak, and when I eat RAW PURPLE FOODS or even some cooked purple foods... then I can pretty much turn the voices off by doing so.


My understanding of this at the moment is that my crown chakra or energy centre is located at the top of my head and connects me to the spiritual world, as such if it is out of balance or is disrupted in some way then I hear the voices... although it is associated with the colour violet, so if I eat such coloured foods - then I am nourishing that energy centre and the gateway is fortified as not to allow voices and othe uncomfortable experiences to manifest through the crown chakra (top of the head).


I have found that food that is ALIVE is best as we are living beings made up of many systems, so eating RAW WHOLE FOOD is ideal for us to get the benefits desired.


Hope that helps you on your journey!


And looking forward to hear if you make any progress with the voices Smiley Happy

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