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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

"They" are annoyed at me

I really don't know what i did this time the only thing i can think of is they feel scared because of the psychologist appointment but the thing is i kept my part of the agreement we had and I didn't say anything they didnt want me to at least I dont think I did. Anyway now they are mad at me and I am not sure how to get back to where we were at because now they are wanting stricter terms and I really can't do that at this point in time. I didn't mean to upset them, i even said sorry but they are still upset. I am not sure what to do. 

(By "they" I mean the other beings) 


Re: "They" are annoyed at me

Hi @Eden1919 , 

Do you mean other inner beings or actual other people?


My inner system gets upset at me too when I say certain things to certain people.

It can be hard to please them all. Have you tried asking why they are mad

Re: "They" are annoyed at me

@Eden1919  Hey Eden1919 yes it is a difficult balancing act ..... I wish I could help but mine would just shove me around tell me what to say and what not to say and I would follow orders to the letter. 


I always tell son2 that he should speak to his pdoc about one issue at a time. He asks for permission from his 'entity' and generally after awhile permission is given. If he cannot talk about it I ask for permission and discuss the issue carefully with son2 in the room. Everything is carefully done as to not upset any of the 'entities'. peaxxx


Re: "They" are annoyed at me

@BabyDragon  neither, they are outside and inside at the same time but they are not people and do not have physical bodies in this world they do in another but not here but they can make things happen here and I cant say more about them. 


@greenpea  yes well I do normally ask permission for everything as exhausting as that is but I think I have figured out what i did worng and I cant say much more because I will get in trouble again and I am too tired from last night to do it all again tonight. 

Re: "They" are annoyed at me

Hi @Eden1919 

I don't know personally how you are feeling but can empathise, I have a 'she' and she is giving me hell at the moment,   goals not quite met this week, but knowing the cause doesnt stop the abuse coming even though I've been unwell. Still have to appease 'her'.

The only way I can get through is reminding myself this has happened before and I still manage to get up and face another day. 'She' is the whole reason behind the fear of seeing a new counselor,  tells me constantly,  'you can't trust them, they will be nice but want to lock you up, destroy you', the real me keeps fighting back because I know I need help but still cant even get to making an appointment. 

I know it's not much help but I believe in the end we will get there because we are still trying, hard as it is, have to hold on to knowing there is a brighter future for us!


Re: "They" are annoyed at me

@Breeze  yes i hope we can both get through this as well. sometimes you just have to learn to live with it i suppose even if it is very hard. 

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