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Something’s not right

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Thanks @Zoe7, So glad work is going well. Keep doing what youre doing Smiley Happy

You know, I was thinking what i need at a basic level:
- to make a cup of tea whenever I want
- to stretch out flat when my back hurts
- to sleep in safety & no bugs around
- to get cool when I need to...
- to read a book with birds in the background...
- Maybe grab a coffee with a friend... then all is well for now.

Have you ever seen the movie -
"Lady in a van" ?
Oh dear, that could be me lol

Re: why can't I cope longer?

No haven't seen that movie @EOR but I can imagine what it is about - would very much be you. The idea of a camper van is looking even more promising - would tick off all the things you listed and you could go wherever you felt like too.

Re: why can't I cope longer?

huggggss @EOR  HeartHeart here for you xx

Re: why can't I cope longer?


2016 MOVIE: The true story of Miss Shepherd, an eccentric woman of uncertain origins, who `temporarily' parked her broken-down van in writer Alan Bennett's London driveway, and proceeded to live there for the next 15 years.

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hey, where'd yas go?
I've Decidied to stay put 'till April, there's no rush to have me leavevim told (thank God), that's in my head, the urge to flee all the bad memories here.
But a friend is flying down from Qld to see me for my birthday in 2wks so I'll stay it for that. Nice that someone wants to do something for my birthday this year, last year was lonely.
Anyway, not sure I can find you on other threads so hope alls well.
night xox

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi @EOR It is so lovely of your friend to come down to visit you for your birthday. That will make it a pretty specil day for you.

It is also good that you can stay where you are a bit longer - gives you more time to try to find somewhere else and/or sort out what you are going to do. 

I am going okay - really tired and struggling to get to work most mornings but only one more day then the weekend will be here. I seem to be okay once I get to work but really find it hard getting going in the morning. I think that is going to get harder with the colder weather coming and the daylight reducing too but I will need to find a way through all that.


Re: why can't I cope longer?

IMG_20190314_195743.pngcampervan I might buy


Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hi @Zoe7, hope you're having a quiet night and planning regenerating moments in your weekend.
I've lost my past few posts here so this is a test post.
Have talked with sf team about it.

Re: why can't I cope longer?

I read your post that disappeared @EOR and understand that you are having very difficult thoughts right now - it is not easy to get through the days when you are so uncertain about the future but you are looking forward  - especially with looking at buying the RV looks amazing and would be wonderful to have somewhere to call home that you can also travel around in. 


I read that you don't know how to love yourself and I think that is something that many of us struggle with. I think it is important to try to focus on what we can do and not dwell too much on what we can't - we can only do what we can with what we know and that has to be enough. We also need to be true to ourselves - knowing we are doing the best we can and living up to our own expectations is all we can do. Also treating others as we wish to be treated is essential - even if we do not get that same treatment in return we can hold our heads high and know we are doing the right thing. Loving yourself is not, in my opinion, feeling that you have everything you need in life but knowing you are working towards the ideal you - and you are the only one that can do that. Having high expectations of yourself but also allowing yourself to make mistakes, own them and move on is important too - as humans we are not infalible - but being able to bounce back and continually work on ourselves is key. You have so much going for you @EOR and I see your determination despite your current views of yourself continue to reach out here for support and that shows me you want something better for yourself - hold onto that thought. The current accommodation issues are certainly not helping but you are also trying very hard to solve that so you are looking forward in that respect also. I believe in you Hon and hold onto hope that you can also have some of that belief in yourself Heart

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Thanks @Zoe7, you understand Smiley Happy
Made apt with my Dr for Mon, to try sort out a misunderstanding. Thing is - I need a Dr or I'd not bother. Got all these housing applications... that need signing & need scripts.
Just gotta not cancel no matter what...
Hope your weekend is OK. ?
Mine quiet, detaching a bit but ok

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