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Something’s not right

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Wow @EOR  Heart

Re: why can't I cope longer?

Thanks @Zoe7   @outlander   @Shaz51 - Appreciate it. I do try... But today is a washout. Still in bed. Not sure why. Did have a bit bightmare o/n of bombs launched overhead... woke me in fear of WW3, especially when I googled what I saw 😟 nukes! There's so much global unrest atm. Think it's coming to a head... 

And with this  Mental Health rampage in Sydney splashed all over the media as violent... 

And with this snow event on w'end, warnings of snow and ice still on mtn roads... delaying my plans to go visit dad.. 

Anyway, furbaby just gently tapped me on the arm, x3 😯so gorgeous... gotta go pee, feed her... Make a cuppa...


Re: why can't I cope longer?

@@🚔, i'm concluding it's an uncontrollable control issue. Why cant these accidental offending words just be blacked out by moderators instead of being used to delete our total  message, and further mess with our heads! grr!  Surely there's an APP for that!. Just stay away from me. 

Re: why can't I cope longer?



Re: why can't I cope longer?

Hey @EOR and @Shaz51


I am just gently checking in as I seem to be picking up on some possible tension here, i may be completley wrong, if i am please do not mind me, however if i am picking up on anything please do not hesitate to contact us through email. 


We want to make sure that everyone feels safe and supported in this space. Please take care of yourseves and if you need to check out our conflict and self care resource, you can do so here


All the best, 



Re: why can't I cope longer?

all good @Turquoise  and thank you Heart

I sometimes repond to quickly at times hey @EOR :Smiley Happy

since i have the afternoon off i am here xx

Re: why can't I cope longer?

@EOR Checking in to see how you are doing tonight. I can see that things have not been great for you and that you may not be able to go see your Dad as planned. Glad you have your fur baby there with you. Sending you hugs and love Heart

Re: why can't I cope longer?

@EOR 💞💕💜

Re: why can't I cope longer?

hissy fit cat-01.jpeg

Deleting my entire posts and being falsely accused, of    deliberately breaking forum gudelines... And having a  thousand complex hoops to jump to set it right. it hurts! Feels like rejection. And I feel dobbed in by so called friends... betrayal... more false representation (so much of this happening irl for me lately),  a sore spot. But what gets to me most on the forums is how a Mental Health Organisation can overlook my cries for help in a post, prefering to  attack me over one mistake that has nothing toto  with what I'm saying. Negated. Irrelevant. There's been plenty of times here on the forums where it's pushed me to self harm... I expect more from SANE, the experts iMI, which makes you accountable for the hurt inflicted... because you KNOW what you're doing to us... but don't care. There's OTHER ways to ''protect' readers from trigger words without triggering another. Blacking out that offending part (not everything) is so easy. This is what triggers me. I feel bullied when that same member is ALWAYS around when this happens, stabbing me in the back then pretend to care... My mother was like this, I hate it. Any, for what it's worth. Please don't post around me if you mean harm. Can't handle another day of pain, it just messes me here for days. But I'll bounce back ta.


Re: why can't I cope longer?

I hear so much hurt and pain in your post @EOR My only response here is that I care and value you and your contributions to the forum. Much love and hugs for you Hon Heart

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