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Senior Contributor

Self sabotage


Re: Self sabotage

Hi @Maggie

I self sabotage quite a bit lately by not taking my meds. I think fir me it’s a form of punishment anger and cry fir help. 

Re: Self sabotage

@BlueBay Me too, seems self sabotage is all I do.

Re: Self sabotage

Thank you for this article @Maggie. All those reasons really speak to me, especially the idea of controlled failing being better than being out of control. It's quite scary how pleasurable the feeling of self sabotaging is. I wish the author would write a follow up article with some strategies about how to deal with it.

Re: Self sabotage

@ankh I'll see if I can find some.

Re: Self sabotage

Its helpful for me. @Maggie

Thanks for posting it.

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