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Hi @Darcy@Determined@Shaz51@outlander@Faith-and-Hope


after reading all of Darcy’s thread of her journey with Mr D I thought I would start a similar thread for my journey with my MsS who also has Bipolar II


it was such a lovely supportive thread and not wanting to be presumptive however I could really do with some companionship on this journey from those who have a deeper understanding and compassion of our unique challenges ... I really saw so much care and support in Darcys thread from you all and would really like to join the discussion for supporting Darcy and also ask when you have time to look in on me - I really don’t have anyone in many circle at work or family or socially who really understands and I super appreciate your time and input 


As per Darcy’s thread I plan to share my thoughts and musings about my partnership with Ms S bit by bit as it comes up ... also to setup a place I can come to should the proverbial hit the fan.... which it always does lol 


thats all thx for listening ... also please let me know if you have similar regular threads I can follow and provide support for yourselves x Sophie



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