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Is your husband secretive about any other medical conditions that he has @charlie10 or just this one?


Self stigma has been an issue for my husband @charlie10.  


Like other medical conditions, there can be genetic predisposition, one article I read about bipolar described this as more in keeping with type 2 diabetes rather than a gene for Huntingtons. 


It can be helpful for family to know of mental health issues so they can respond appropriately as this can make a huge difference in recovery. 


Having things like Movember could be an opportunity for one of your children to raise the question  of "any family history" direct with their father or even use this to ask if anything is up as they have noticed he is not travelling well etc. 


I sometimes wonder if we should be a little more open to telling Mr Darcy's family about his diagnosis. After his father died I found he was being treated for a mood disorder and was quite upset that he had lied to me and not told me about this on direct questioning as to any family history as it may have been helpful for the pdocs to know this when Mr D went into crisis. Mr Darcy's deceased uncle clearly had a diagnosis of some sort but his father had no idea what his health issues were either.

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