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Hi.  I'm new to the forum.


My husband has an undiagnosed eating disorder.  It has been excruciatingly difficult to flag anyone down because he is in complete denial, and as such, the disorder is invisible to everyone except us as his immediate family.  We have been living the nightmare of watching him decline, mentally, emotionally and physically, while we are voiceless under the law until something breaks.


All online advice says that early intervention offers the best outcome in terms of recovery.  It has been four and a half years, four of which I have been trying to reach him and access help to no avail as yet ...  I say as yet, because I live in faith and hope of a positive outcome in time.  It helps to read other people's stories and realise that while this is a long time to have been struggling, others have struggled longer and with more dire circumstances.


The most obviously disordered feature of my husband's condition is a large volume of chew and spit.  This is supported with obsessive over-exercising and Orhorexia.  I think we're dealing with. EDNOS.  His BMI is within the normal range.  He is set into a daily regimen that has left our family life scraped together around it.  Attempts to talk to him and guide him towards help have resulted in emotional abuse and temper rages that have impacted our relationships and ability to function in our independent work and school commitments.  


For self preservation the kids and I have pulled back to walking on eggshells around him, dealing with issues in the moment as they arise, and trying to remain detached while we await some sort of change in our status quo.  That change might be in the form of a health crash for my husband.  There are certainly the signs associated with eating disorders all present - feeling the cold more than anyone else (jumpers in hot weather), not sleeping, dry skin and hair, hair loss, fatigue, constant injuries, temper tantrums and rages, cognitive distortion, ritualisations, etc


We are living in this awful holding pattern, knowing he needs help but unable to access it.



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