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Aaaaand ..... the rollercoaster begins again .....


I have a non-class-contact day today, so S2 has “booked” me to sit with him while he goes through his uni enrolment stuff and gets himself sorted.  He has been “booking” me, then shying off when my day has been dotted with carer interviews, physio appointment, shopping for the house, then uni start yesterday.  It’s all too disruptive to his state of mind.


Now this morning I have woken up to a message from D3 to say that she doesn’t feel she can go today, that it will be too much on top of yesterday.  It will mean she misses two introductory classes.  I am guessing this is her social anxiety kicking in, and if I were on campus with her it would support her enough to step up, at least to go to the classes for the first half hour of them.  If I do, I won’t be here for S2, who isn’t enrolled yet ..... 😔


The tutor D3 and I had yesterday, in separate classes, was a bit strange.  They seemed agitated, were talking really fast, bombarded us with information, and were more than a bit emotionally aggressive.  I found it a bit confronting and overwhelming, and spoke to someone in authority about how I felt.  It sounded like they were a little less aggressive with D3’s class, but still, I am guessing it has contributed to how she feels today.


I think S2 needs to be my priority, and it’s not the end of the world if D3 misses these first two classes ..... but it also demonstrates that she is not truly on her feet yet.


You can begin to see just how disruptive this carer situation for D2 was on top of S2 and D3 restarting their studies with their mental health needs.


Its a baby steps day for me today now ..... I am just going to focus on breathing, and taking it hour by hour .....

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