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Okay, update .....


D3 has agreed to do online what she can today, re emailing the tutors to say she is unwell.  Her mh support status is not finalised yet to be able to draw on that, so “feeling unwell” will do for now.


She needs to finalise attendance enrollment in one of tadsy’s classes, which may have been overwhelming her too, but that can be sorted online.  I need to work out how many boxes can be ticked by remote today.  She is more concerned about mr.’s reaction to her missing classes already, but he leaves to go west mid-afternoon, so she just needs to lay low until then.


S2 was still enrolled in his course 🎉🎉🎉 ..... just wasn’t signed into any classes.  He is completing his course from last year across this year, however the course has been restructured, so he requires a personalised timetable to align the outstanding units with the new course layout.


He has made contact with his head of course, with an appointment set up for tomorrow ✅👍

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