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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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@Corny I hear you and feel for you very much.  I have a MIL who is very much like this towards the girls of the family, of which she has birthed none, and her boys can do no wrong.  We have a few family members to spread the demands for attention between, however my hubby is providing the lion’s share of it, flying across the country to do so.


May I gently suggest that you visit a counsellor for yourself, or speak with telephone support services.  This is causing you grief and it is important that you are heard and cared for too ..... “who is caring for the carer ?”  They May be able to offer experienced suggestions about how to curb some of her demanding behaviours.


You could try some “I statements” with her if you’re game ....


I feel that you are not appreciating how much I do for you.

I might need to wear earplugs when I come if all you are going to do is complain about me.  It’s wearing me out.

I would like you to speak to me nicely please.  (This one can become a mantra for any time she is rude to you)


Hugs and hugs.  I hope some of these suggestions are helpful to you ..... ❤️

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