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  • Author : Sherry
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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I'm alright tonight thanks @outlander   


Would love some company, but am very tired and dont think I can keep my eyes open any longer.

Been a long and exhausting day, so I think I need to lie down and try to get some sleep.

Plus got a raging headache and have taken something for that. 

So I will say good night.  My apologies for not being around much.  I hope to get back to some normality tomorrow.

See how I go.  I also need to call the hospital to try to get some sort of answers as to how much longer our wait is likely to be before a bed is likely to become available so hubby can be admitted and assessed.  Really hope its soon, as his health is continuing to decline.  Not quickly, but its noticeable.  


Thanks sweetie for offering to keep me company.  Its very kind of you.  Perhaps you also want some company, and I am very sorry I'm not up to providing it.  Talk more over the coming couple of days.  I will also update everyone here as to whats happening too.  Thanks everyone for your messages and apologies I've been so slack at responding.  @Sophia1 @Darcy @Shaz51 @Zoe7 



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