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Hi @Tufftimes  and any others floating by as the day goes on.


Oh yes thank you @Tufftimes , a cuppa would be fabulous.  Just finished getting hubby up and about, medicated, hopefully safe and comfortable for the time being.  Got a load of washing on, trying to beat the forecast rain over the coming days. Definitely time to have a quiet reflective cuppa.  Then I need to call my Mum who is still waiting to get in to see a cancer specialist after her latest cancer diagnosis.  And oh dear, then I want to give my brother a call to see how he is going this morning.    So the cuppa will be a temporary lull in between all the bad stuff.


Ha ha, your dog and the grandpups sound like hard work!  But hey, you wouldnt be without them ... now would you?  Thankfully my little dog has never been into excavation, never been a digger.  Unless its after a rabbit.  She was never into destructive behaviour, now that I think about it. Never chewed shoes, furniture, clothes.  Perfect little dog.  Nahhh .. she does have her (minor) faults of course.  We all do, after all.


Thanks for the tag @Tufftimes .  Can I ask if you have a support thread of your own where I can learn more about what you are going through personally, and be able to (hopefully) support you?


Sherry ๐ŸŒบ



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