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No chatting with friend for a couple of days @CheerBear  He had an open home on Saturday and sold his house on the same day so he is pretty busy getting things orgnaised for all that. I am not too fussed to be honest - I know his plan was to go travelling when he sold his house but I suspect that won't happen straight away as he has sold his house so quickly. Don't know what his plans may be now but I am sure he will tell me in time. It does feel like we have become more distant of late - I know we both have a lot going on and I certainly don't have the time I did have (or the energy) for that same interaction that we were having. Maybe this is a good thing though - especially if he is going to go away soon. Mixed feelings on it all but the tricky is still there and I don't think that is something I can get over - it will work out as it does I suppose!

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