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Good morning all who pass here today.


@CheerBear I hope you're happy with your new hair do.


@Adge   Hope you had a better sleep and that today is an improvement for you.


Hi @Zoe7  hope your week at work got off to a good start.  And that the tricky with your friend sorts itself out soon.


Hi to you too @greenpea and @Exoplanet , @outlander @Appleblossom @Razzle @Shaz51   @Teej  and of course @Mazarita 

Hope today is going smoothly and according to plan so far.


I've got some chores to do, then heading out with my support worker to water tai chi and then a smoking cessation counselling session at the womens centre.  Have to plan a keto diet menu some time today and translate that into a shopping list for tomorrow.  Plus my printer is jammed and I have to take it apart to clear the jam.  Have put that off for a few days already.  Asked bro for help but he said to have a try first.  So I will, but not at all confident about it.

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