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Hello everybody. I thought I would make a post, instead of just trawling the forums.


I'm a 26 yr old Male and recently I have to come to suspect, that I have bipolar. I did alot of lsd and weed as a young fella. Around the age of 14 to 19. I practically left home around 14. Mum moved away , she was a junkie and it was just my father and I. He has had major depressive disorder for as long as I can remember. He is old now, in his 70s. I had drug induced psychosis from lsd around the age of 18. Lasted i think around 2 months. Then I just came out of it. No medical  intervention or medication. I then fell into a 2 yr deep depression. I then scored a job around late 20 and I felt somewhat happy for the first time in my life. I meet a girl and we moved in for 4 years. We broke up around 6 months ago and looking back. I was in a manic state. Not psychosis , just very elevated happiness, endless energy, irritable and have extreme self ego. I ended up going thru 3 jobs. I couldnt be told I was wrong. In the last 2 weeks, I have entered a depressive state. I need to go to the doctors and get a diagnosis. The last 2 days , I have had extreme extreme anxiety and huge fluctuations in mood. Feeling despair and suicidal thoughts and then just breaking down in tears , upto like 20 times  a day.  this is not "normal" depression. I've had that before. This is depression on steroids. I'm having huge difficulties concentrating and have near no energy. Only reason I'm working is, I have fair bit of debt. I'm trying hard and feel that I'm slipping away. I'm trying not to break down crying as I type this.


Sorry for the long story.  I just had to get it off my chest. I really like this community and reading all the forums. Makes me feel , not alone.


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