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Thanks sis
Its been and will continue to be abit crazy for a little while until things get sorted again. I wasnt feeling very brave thats for sure but at least some things were done... (eek yes not a fan of phone calls and i made 6 this arvo)

It is quite a long wait but its better then next yr. She bumped me up the list and was quite considerate of the organising i need to do in order for me to have the surgury like having pop taken care of etc. So that was good. When it gets closer to november ill get a call from both my oral surgeon and also the hospital itself to go through their things as well as preadmission a day before the surgury which im glad she told me as it means another night up that way due to their ore admissions usually taking place between 7 and 11.
So much info that ia for sure!

How are you going sis? Ive been missing you lots @Sans911

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