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  • Author : Teej
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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A big thanks to @CheerBear for motivating me to start this thread again. πŸ’œ

today I am spinning. I’m still in 'now what' land trying to not overcompensate for the last few weeks but very much going in circles. My brain is still very tired and not playing the game of moving forward.

I decided I would make a really nice meal for the kids for tonight but so far choosing what to cook has had me spinning for over an hour. It all still seems overwhelming.

So here I am looking for connection and motivation so I can achieve SOMETHING today. (I’m really looking for a magic wand but don’t tell anyone 😜)

Also tagging @Faith-and-Hope to help kick my butt into gear if you are around....and have your magic wand handy 😘 *edit.....but also more than happy for anyone else to chime in😊


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