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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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Thank you @outlander 


I did not think that you would misunderstand my phrasing in the other post...thought best to qualify to be on the safe side..

I know that I am a very sensitive person and have at times misunderstood comments from others...

on other occasions I have understood only too well..

Please don't tell yourself that you are slow at understanding or knowing...

Believe me you are leaps ahead not only in your own age group ....

I have been a questioner all of my life...much to the chagrin of colleagues....holding up meetings where others would say nothing just wanting to get the meeting over with...if I had a question I saw it as a waste of time for everyone if I did not ask...I actually found myself making new friends this way over the years...shyer people would come up to me afterwards and thank me as they said that they wanted to ask themselves but felt silly...

I have probably discussed this on here before....whatever...

I continue to this day to ask many questions especially in the medical world where I feel that so much information is withheld from us..

I was discouraged from a young age to speak up...during troughs of issues with my health .I worked very hard at asking every question that I needed to. 

You will find your own way to grow in this fact you are already on the journey..


How lovely to feel such joy and pride watching your sisters...Yes laughing is something that is so very good for us and at the moment still is free.

No tax on laughter yet!


Are there any youth groups or community groups close by where you might be able to help out with young folk? I think that you would be invaluable in that area...understanding at the same time that you have little free time at the moment..


time to move off of the chair and stretch..


hello to all others 


I have decided not to tag others anymore unless they specifically tag me somewhere...I try to show support button..

I have not much energy for trying to work out where everyone is at..

taking breaks from the forums is helping me...

I still like to check in every now and again though

I know that most people with whom I have chatted over the times understand that which is comforting..



I seem to remember vaguely that you were making a quilt or a blanket? How did that work out?

Your art and your photography?


take care ๐Ÿ’š



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