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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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@Sophia1 i think I'm as stable as can be... it's just a case of 'getting on with life ' now... it's not without difficulties and challenges... but yea gotta put myself first... focus on me... do what i want to... (within reason)

I'll probably always be at risk of relapsing... but hopefully the medication will reduce the severity of each relapse...

I've got my car and all the responsibilities and costs that come with... I've got my animals which need feeding, vet care, love and attention... i got my hygiene, self care and social life to maintain... housework, cleaning, cooking and yard maintenance...

I'd like some gym equipment/weights... so i can do some exercise and get fit/in shape... I've noticed even 5-10 minutes exercise lifts my mood for a few days... as soon as I'm exerting myself... the endorphins start flowing but because the depot is released through my arm muscle(s) exercise does effects how quickly it releases (I believe)

I'd like to get a gaming console... a turtle tank... and a webber bbq... a boat... some stuff for the car is towbal, bullbar, roofracks... but yea all just visions which involve $$$...

I don't really like reaching out for help as it's not the best sign... i don't like being weak, vulnerable and prone to minor relapses induce by triggers... i don't like being mentally ill full stop... i don't like all the bad traits and characteristics about myself... examples negative thinking styles... lack of self control... no discipline, structure, routine and initiative... ie smoking and coffee... but it's basically all apart of the gig...

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