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  • Author : Lauz
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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Great to keep this conversation going - love this topic even though it is a super tough one!


That negative self talk that you have mentioned @BlueBay can really impact everything we do like you said. 


One thing that is great to see in this conversation is shared awareness. I know it's a bit cliche but it really is good to recognise the strength you show in having self awareness around some of the thoughts and behaviours you have that impact your wellbeing. Makes it a bit easier to recognise it and try to redirect the thoughts or change the perspective a bit like you mentioned too @Lise07  Maybe there is something here about giving ourselves some positive reinforcement when the expectations come up in some way...


Keen to see what stratagies people may have as @CheerBear mentioned or maybe you have been told/heard of strategies that could be helpful but haven't used yet or weren't sure about? Enjoying following along with this theme. 

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