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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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I would be really interested to know how others with BPD deal with being suddenly "triggered"... I can be ok one minute and the next I am dissociated and have no control.

I can go into rage or be a blubbering mess or just run away and withdraw. If it is "flight" rather than "fight" , I can withdraw for days at a time.

Just as a note as I am new here... I have a fantastic psychologist who does CBT and DBT and I have done DBT as an outpatient through a private hospital so I do have skills I use including lots of meditation and mindfulness... However when an episode occurs I am as far from mindful as possible and end up doing or saying things I regret. 

@outlander thank you I am tagging you here as I'm hopeful you and others you know here can help. 

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